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The Adventures Begin!

April 11, 2015

School ended this week, for our last two-week break (gotta love the French system), so we hit the ground running right away.  Matthew’s dad and his wife arrived on Thursday.  They’d been “hanging out” in Paris since Tuesday, burning through jet lag by suffering at the Louvre, and arrived in Albertville to see our small town life.  We (mostly Matthew) cooked a traditional Savoyard dinner Thursday night called Tartiflette.  Friday was a school-wide cleaning day, but since I had spent the previous several days cleaning in spurts and Matthew had spent the last two breaks fixing apartments and hanging flower baskets at the start of spring a few weeks ago, we opted out and instead spent the morning packing for our grand adventure and then drove up to the medieval city to tour around for a few minutes while the kids were still in school.

After lunch, the kids had a carnival with the rest of the district’s classes – the kids were all dressed up as various things (each class had a theme) and we paraded around town, all the way downtown and back another route.  It was great fun and, for the first time, was incredibly hot (it was 74F) and we all got a little pink.

That evening we celebrated with a traditional Congo dinner, because there is a local African store where we can get all of the proper ingredients (there is NO good replacement for the neon orange pressed palm oil or pili-pili, but we CAN get it in Albertville).  We stayed up too late and had a great time.

This morning we had a gentle pace getting out of the house and beginning our trip by simply heading downtown to the regular Saturday market.  There, we gathered all of our favorite cheese and some fruit and a quick stop at our favorite café for coffee, which is conveniently located across the walk from a playground, so we sat outside and watched the kids.

We began the drive toward Lake Leman, better known as Lake Geneva to many of you.  We passed through Geneva and headed back into France where we arrived at our first airbnb.

Since Matthew’s dad and his wife booked the whole trip, we really didn’t know much about where we were staying, but we arrived there was a Christian sign on the outside of the home (rare in France).  The woman here didn’t speak French, but English among other things.  Then, we walked in and saw literally walls of literature about every. single. religion.  Then, in one bedroom, was a wall of Bibles, over 700 of them, with almost as many languages (no, not really, but probably over 100).  So, we asked…what is your story?

She came from somewhere (I missed because someone under 3ft tall had to pee, or got chased by the rooster, or something…) and landed in Germany as a missionary to work with university students.  She met her husband there (who is from this area, again, I missed that detail, because kids) and they were married.  We then volunteered that we are missionaries with Mission Aviation Fellowship.  She was astonished!  She had lived in Indonesia, in Papua, for one year and had flown MAF at least once a week!  She felt like some MAF staff were family!!!  What an amazing “coincidence” of us staying here for a few nights.  They even bought a baby bed after we asked about one…what graciousness!

So, tomorrow is yet another grand day planned…so off to bed we go…

In finishing, thank you for all of your prayers.  After my last post and Matthew’s prayer email, you all outpoured your love with notes of prayers and encouragement and THEY HAVE BEEN FELT.  We are feeling uplifted, as well as the general feeling with our friends.  Don’t stop now, but thank you!

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