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Through France, Day 4

April 14, 2015

Sunday was a glorious day at the Cathedral where we attended the service at the reformed church where John Calvin had served at 500 years ago.  After the service, which was decently attended and where we understood nearly all of what was said (gasp!), we walked around the grand building and marveled at the structure.  Cathedrals are amazing, really.

We then went to the Reformation Museum and the Reformer’s Wall, before heading back to our airbnb house.  It was a neat day of discoveries and seeing originals of things I’ve been seeing copies of for years!  What a fascinating heritage!

Sunday night was restful and included a walk for just Matthew and me to the shores of Lake Geneva from our rental at sunset.  Lovely!!!

Monday morning our hosts invited us for breakfast so we could swap stories.  What an amazing connection!!  This couple has served as missionaries for years in Germany and studied the Bible in so many languages.  They have an interesting story and we are excited to have met them.  At the end of the meal, he offered several laptops to be sent with us to be put into service in Congo – wow!  God works in amazing ways!  I hope to give an update on this turn of events once we get there!

After breakfast we hit the road and drove for most of the day.  The countryside of France is vast and the terrain is lovely.  We stopped for lunch at a little town and enjoyed some delicious food and a walk in the hot sun.  While it is normally rainy this time of year, this week is exceptional and we are not complaining!

We arrived very late to our destination, just an overnight during our journey north.  However, this little town, called Bourges, is quite beautiful and offers a really interesting cathedral.

Our airbnb was, again, incredible.  Very artistic with lots of color and everything we needed.  We all slept great, the kids loved the giant yard.  Personally, my favorite part was waking early, enjoying my shower, and heading out before anyone else was awake in search of the local boulangerie.  I returned victorious and breakfast was delicious.

We went out after breakfast to view the cathedral and tour a little bit of the city by car.  Soon, we went back, gathered our bags, and hit the road again.  We really didn’t stop until we arrived for our next part – Normandy and the history here.  We have a fantastic airbnb spot – a four bedroom “servants quarters” with a huge courtyard and big iron gate.  It is so great!  We got to enjoy a relaxing evening and will start on some historic sightseeing tomorrow.

We are tired, but really enjoying this break.  It is much needed and, by staying in France, we are speaking plenty of French.  Getting directions, texting our airbnb hosts (I’m doing that – it’s great practice), finding information, reading signs…it all adds up and counts as homework, I think!

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