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We meet a lot of people in our line of work and we try and encourage people with whom we haven’t had the time to talk thoroughly to go to our website.  So, here are a few posts to get you caught up on our lives and our mission work in the DRC with MAF.  Also, go here to read our bio and see our MAF homepage, where you can see our prayer letters, learn more about MAF’s DRC program and support our ministry!


Our first post: a timeline that remained fairly accurate through the end.

This post gives a peek into our lives as Alaskans and our chickens.  It’s also the reason that one search topic by which people find our blog is “beheading a chicken.”

Amelia joined us!

A few important landmarks in our journey to Africa.

We had a benefit concert and met with a few other MAF families.


The first in a series about our epic, 7800 mile, five week road trip.

A house for us in Kinshasa!

Our travels to get from Seattle to Kinshasa.  Followed by pictures.

A post by Matthew about his work here.

How does one contact us in the DRC?

Want to come visit?  Here’s how!

Our workers are a big part of our life.

Our first experience with larvae under our skin.

Lisa got a mosquito-borne illness and it was not cool.

We went to Kenya for the MAF all Africa family conference.

The electric company showed up with bolt cutters and guns.

We have a family farm.

We took a trip to the jungle – a four-part series.


Taste from afar the Congolese diet.

A look at the occupations of Kinshasa.

We went to a Congolese wedding!

Our first year was up – what’s next?!

We had to say goodbye – at least for now.

Some tiny news – but it’s a really big deal!

The first of a series on our 102 day road trip across the country – over 15,000 miles!

Axel joined us!


We have arrived in Albertville – our home for language school for a year!


We arrived in Kinshasa – July 14, 2015.

We have to move…still within Kinshasa.

We spent Christmas in the village!


Piper joined us!  And her birth story is a must-read!

Our home in Kinshasa, a photo tour.


We announce a big change in our ministry with MAF.

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