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Announcement: Lind Future!

December 6, 2012

Hey All!  The top question on our minds (and yours?) for the last couple months has been “are we staying on with MAF?”.

First and foremost, we want to thank you for your prayers, words of encouragement, and financial support of our ministry through Mission Aviation Fellowship.  As you know, our initial term of service was set for one year, and that year is rapidly passing!

With much prayer and consideration, we have decided to stay with MAF, and take on a career position – albeit in a different role. We will be returning stateside at the end of March 2013, for management training, equipping, and support raising, headed to language school in Quebec for a semester at the end of that year and, if everything goes as planned, when support is finalized, coming back to the DRC in the role of Program Manager.  While our hope is to return to Kinshasa (and it looks that way at this point) we may be asked to fill a Program Manager position at another base in the region.

In the new role of Program Manager, I (Matthew) will be responsible for directing the local personnel and resources of MAF to fulfill our mission of reaching isolated people with the Gospel of Christ and effecting transformation in their lives.  The Democratic Republic of Congo is consistently ranked as one of the least developed countries world wide; and with the political difficulties of the region, coupled with a lack of infrastructure, our aircraft and communication technologies continue to play a vital role for Christian missions and development.

We are still firming up the details and will keep you all informed as they develop; please continue to pray for us during this transition process.  Additionally, our new support-raising goal is $7,200 in monthly support commitments, and roughly $15,000 in outgoing expenses.  If you are a regular prayer or financial partner please consider continuing, if you have not joined the team, pray and consider your part in our ministry.

We really appreciate the opportunity to serve the Kingdom with MAF, and thank you guys for making this possible!  Check back often to stay up to speed – and think about whom else you might be able to bring on board!

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  1. Crissie Rask permalink
    December 6, 2012 0829

    Woohoo!!! made my day!


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