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75by3.25 Campaign Kickoff!

January 20, 2013

Hey all!

By now everyone should be up to speed on our new plans with MAF.  Our current timeline has us returning at the end of March for training and Ministry Partnership – which is where you all come in!

We are launching a campaign to be funded to 75% percent of our new targets by the 25th of March.  See the schnazzy logo?

Let’s break it down…

Current Monthly Supporters: Thank you guys big time for keeping the wheels turning thus far.  It is encouraging to see your names each month, knowing that you all are stretching the budgets to make it happen, and that those dollars are packaged with love and prayers. We would love for you guys to be able to continue your support in our next term!  Is this something you are called to?  Might you also consider increasing your support amount by $5-$10 dollars each month?  For the cost of a burger-run we can make a bigger impact than McDonalds (although, we are not as tasty).

Single-Gift Supporters: You helped us make it out here – from the vaccines, to the plane tickets, to underwriting the cost of several months of our total project.  Y’all’s generosity and outpouring of love for God’s people in Africa has us constantly blown-away.  Please pray and consider if you could once more bless our ministry with financial support.  Maybe you would like to become a monthly supporter?

Fan Club:  Major thanks for all the prayers, encouragement, advice, and myriad of ways in which you have helped.  Please pray about what ways you may be called to join in our ministry… Have you thought about becoming a financial partner?  A gift of just $20 a month is a big deal for us!

Prayer Warriors:  Keep up the good fight!  There is so much needing done here in Congo!  The country is in the midst of a desperate spiritual battle and people here are hurting in every way.  Please add to your prayers that God would put a call on the hearts of those he wants to do his work here – whether it is packing their bags and jumping on an airplane, or working a steady job stateside and helping the harvesters pay the bills.

Everyone:  I would like to challenge you all to share about our ministry with one other person this month.  Think about who might be interested in what God is doing out here – send them an email with a link to our web page, chat with them over coffee and show them one of our photo posts, message them on Facebook and link to our blog, or catch them at work and ask them to join you in praying for us once a month.  Our prayer card has a great QR code, so if you tote one of those in your Bible your tech-savvy friends are a scan away from getting plugged in!

The real numbers?  Our monthly support target is $7,200 and our outgoing costs are approximately $15,000.  Our 75% goal would mean $5,400 and $11,250 respectively. We are crunching the numbers to see exactly where we are now… but somewhere near 50% is what we are thinking.

Oh, and with all the new changes in the tax code this year, the right size donation might just put you in a more favorable bracket…

Expect to see a lot of that new graphic floating around our side of the cybersphere for the next couple of months!  Hit us up with feedback or questions at any time – you can drop a comment here or email us at  Let’s make this happen!

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