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Welcome to Our Home

July 1, 2016

So, we have lived in this house for nearly six months.  I keep waiting to be finished moving in and perfecting it to post pictures and do a little tour.  I haven’t given up, but I realize that we are always going to be improving and settling and rearranging.  And this house is sort of awesome, so I do want to share it with you as an excellent example of a time that God provided MUCH more than I thought possible, or even necessary.


Our home

This house is so awesome.  We know that we will never live in a house this nice ever again, not even in the US.  It’s far more than we deserve.  So, you might be asking, what are we (rather, MAF) shelling out for such a place?  Well, we are happy to report that not only is it within budget, but that all repairs and improvements were paid for by the owner, not us!  The story of how we got this house is the second half of this blog post – please go reread it!  It’s such a cool story!  This house is a blessing from God, and we our best try to use it to His glory.  We have hosted numerous things to share it with others, including parties, meetings, and lots and lots of guests.  We hope that it continues to be a relaxing and uplifting place of meeting and fellowship for our community.

So, welcome to our house, in its normal state: not perfectly tidy, the walls are still sadly bare, but you’re welcome to take a little tour and see where we live.  We hope you come visit, too!  Really!


Half of our gigantic living room. The couch against the wall is the one Matthew made for the bay window at the first house, just backwards. The couch under the windows folds down into a bed for guests, if we need.


The other half of our living room, with our guest bird and the guest dog’s bed. Normally that space is clear or full of toys. The chairs move around a lot. The doors in the middle of the windows are our front doors.


A few afternoons each week you’ll see the kids beating the heat with a movie on the laptop. (The dog is ours for the next six months while her family is in the US on furlough.)


The dining room, where so much life is lived. The table, made by Matthew, is big enough for groups of up to 16, at 2.5m x 1.5m or roughly 8ft x 5ft…benches for either side and chairs for the ends are in process (you can see the bench planks leaning in the corner). Normally, it gets cleared off several times a day, but like pictured, there are usually remnants of a meal, a snack, school, and art… You can also see the door into the kitchen on the right, a window pass-through into the kitchen, and our water filter. The door on the left leads onto the back porch.


Sometimes it looks really clean and tidy, sometimes it looks completely destroyed, but mostly it looks somewhere in the middle, like this. But it is a roomy and bright kitchen, so it makes me happy.


The door leads out to the patio and outdoor kitchen. The fridge and chest freezer line the back wall of the kitchen.


Our guest room has been dubbed “The Potter Suite” because the Potter family has used it four times already! It includes a king size bed, a dresser, and a pack and play upon request. See? You can come visit us!


The office is that room that so far can’t stay tidy. This half is home school central, where I organize and plan the day (it is organized chaos, anyway). The other half and floor are still waiting for Matthew’s shop to be finished before getting organized.


Guest toilet, just need to hang the mirror!


The guest bathroom has a sweet glass shower and an over-the-top black sink.


Piper’s room is also storage (where you can’t see) and the guys hang their work clothes on her bars until their room is finished (outside).


Amelia’s room is bright and happy. It also has a spare single mattress/boxspring for even more guests!


The laundry room. Our third washer is borrowed so we can repair the first one, errr, two. But we did find and fix the electrical problem. You can see one of the broken washers behind the drying rack, the other one is on our back porch.


From the laundry room you can enter the kids’ bathroom, which they share with the cat box and the diaper pail. It’s not exactly the best smelling room ever.


The kids’ bathroom is usually a disaster, but at least no one else has to use it.


The boys’ room has an extra toddler bed because we first acquired the toddler bed and then the bunk beds.


The boys’ room is also where all the toys are stored, because it is so large.


Our room is…ridiculous. It’s embarrassingly huge. We have no idea what to do with the space, but oh well! Lots of closet space and plenty of room for our king size water bed.


Also, this gym equipment was donated to MAF and we now have the best place to store it, so we are the keepers, but Matthew has been using it.


Our master bathroom is a lovely combination of two sinks, separate shower and tub – all firsts in our ten years of marriage, including have our very own attached bathroom!


Our bathroom also has lots of closet/linen storage space and a toilet closet with its own sink (behind the door).


The front porch wraps around the corner of the house. It’s fantastic and the kids are often found pretending it’s a mountain or ship.


Here you can see Amelia and the boys’ bedroom windows, our carport space, and the rest of our yard. It’s a big open space, especially when our truck isn’t parked in the middle.


The wrap around porch is just high enough to get a breeze over the exterior wall.


Today I think the porch is a boat.


The side yard looking back toward the outdoor kitchen and patio.


The door leads into the kitchen. You can also see some of our water storage, which can head into the house via gravity if our 12v pump and battery system ever fail. We also have twice this amount of water storage underground, since we rely on city water that isn’t always flowing. The two little doorways lead into the guard house and Matthew’s tool shed. You can still see construction evidence…someday it will get cleaned up.


The guard house is where our 24 guy can sleep and have a bit of privacy…once it is finished, you know, with a door.


Matthew’s tool shed is still waiting to be finished…then we will probably feel completely moved in!


Seating area inside the outdoor kitchen, perfect for parties.


The bar, which happens to be great for potluck service. We are still waiting for paint and a few finishing touches in here.


Behind the bar there is a sink and mini fridge – come have a drink with us!


Behind the house isn’t very pretty yet, but there is a nice breeze that blows directly into the outdoor kitchen.


The back porch is a mess of overflow from some MAF storage, Matthew’s tool storage, the workers’ cooking area, and the kids’ shoe collection. There are doors into the dining room and the office from here.

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  1. Julieanne Marie Fry permalink
    July 2, 2016 0829

    Its great to see pictures of your life!

    Much love and many prayers to you my dear ones!


    On Fri, Jul 1, 2016 at 8:17 AM, The Linds in DR Congo with MAF wrote:

    > Matthew & Lisa Lind posted: “So, we have lived in this house for nearly > six months. I keep waiting to be finished moving in and perfecting it to > post pictures and do a little tour. I haven’t given up, but I realize that > we are always going to be improving and settling and rearrangi” >

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