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99 Days

April 6, 2015

Though tickets have not yet been purchased, we are below 100 days until our anticipated arrival date in Kinshasa.  99 days, actually.  We are very excited to go home to Congo, after more than two years away!

The next few weeks will be a little crazy.  This week we still have school, but an unusual schedule will keep us on our toes.  Then we have our final two weeks break before the last two months of classes.  Since we’ve spent the last two breaks (December and February) hanging around campus, doing some physical labor (Matthew, mainly), we are excited to get out and about and do a bit of traveling.  Plus, we have family coming and going over the next month, so we are provided with a good excuse!  While I have been fairly good at blogging on our travels in the past, this time with family is too precious to miss, but I’m sure there will be occasional posts and plenty of photos via Instagram.  (Our feed of pictures is on the right side of our website, if you’re not following us in Instagram or Facebook – you won’t miss them there!)

Pray for us these weeks that we will get some much-needed rest.  We have been feeling overwhelmed with stress, both from school and family balance being askew and from other outside elements like upcoming travel, last minute additions to our shipment, etc.  We know the Devil is hard at work to discourage us, make us fight with our friends and each other, and cause us to long for greener grass, but we know God is working harder on our side – because He has work he has called us to do in His name!  We don’t feel discouraged all the time, but there are moments lately when it is hard to be excited about going to a difficult place.  Sometimes it is hard to go to class, because we feel like our French is already good enough…or, other times, that it never will be.  But, we are also encouraged by notes from you all (the more the merrier, of course), new supporters have come on board as we’ve lost a couple, and by the solid friendships we have here and in our new home in Congo.  So, keep those prayers coming, or increase them.

We have work to do and everything changes in 99 days…

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