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Newsy Notes

August 8, 2014

We have tickets to France, departing on August 20.  For those of you not paying attention, that’s a mere twelve days from now!

Today and tomorrow we are having a garage sale to, hopefully, off load much of what we don’t want to keep or take and make a few bucks on the side.

We still have final packing to do – pray for our sanity!

Our renters sign the lease tomorrow – we will soon be landlords!

My (Lisa’s) dad is coming into town for the weekend to say goodbye.

My birthday is on Sunday – the big three-oh!

We have two new monthly supporters this week, but still need a few more!

Thanks to many of you who purchased from our wishlist!!!!  What an amazing blessing!

This post typed on a tablet with one finger while giving Axel a bottle…please excuse the errors and brevity.

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