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Project Funds

August 9, 2014

Because of the generosity of so many of you, we had extra money in our “One Time Needs Fund.”  This was for plane tickets, vaccines, language school, our shipment of our household stuff, etc.  With so much extra, we were able to roll those plentiful funds into a new project.

This new project is for some household items that make our Congo house move liveable, and, eventually, for a vehicle as well.

Today, we received some of those items purchased from the fund to be able to pack them into our shipment.


This incredible generator will power some of our small appliances and fans, in addition to the battery bank we’ll set up in country.  The advantage of buying this tiny beast here versus buying in DRC is that this is FAR more fuel efficient and much cheaper.  A win-win, if you will.


This water pump is powered by 12v and yet has very high water pressure.  That means it, too, will be powered by our battery bank and/or the little generator.  This will be a huge advantage to us having it from here versus trying to find one in country. 

So, thank you to all who have been giving those special gifts – they are being put to good use and will continue to be a blessing to many!

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