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The Excitement of the Last Days

August 3, 2014

Since Friday afternoon’s news of our French visas getting approved, we’ve been in a whirlwind of excitement.  We hope to have our tickets bought (by our awesome MAF travel lady) by Monday or Tuesday, planning on leaving August 20th, give or take.

We finished sorting all of our worldly possessions and have only to pack everything in proper order.  Our Congo bins need inventoried and packed for the one year they’ll be in storage at MAF HQ before being shipped around the time we land in Congo next summer.  Our France bins needed further sorting and proper packing for the airplane ride.  And we will move out of our house in order to break down what’s left in it this week. We have a garage sale this weekend to sell off all that we’re not keeping.  Just shy of a box or two, everything we are keeping stateside is already in its permanent storage location.

The house projects remaining are very nearly done, with just a bathroom left to do, but Matthew is just awesome at that sort of thing.  Our house has been a huge blessing and we will miss it dearly, but renters will sign the lease on Saturday and move in the 19th.  *sniff*  It was purchased as an investment and we are certainly seeing the fruits of it already, but it is sad to think we will most likely never live in it again, because we love it so.  I plan to do a post in a month or so showing the before and after of this gorgeous house in all its glory.

If you’re not on the website, you’ll notice I’m leaving the Wishlist open for a couple of extra days.  If you have Prime or don’t mind a quick shipping, there are a few things we’ve added at the surprising request of a few people who saw our empty list and were disappointed.  Having service for 24 versus 18 was a long off wish for us, but then you all were so generous.  And if it doesn’t get purchased by Wednesday, we’re happy to buy it ourselves, of course!  AND, WE CAN’T THANK YOU ALL ENOUGH FOR YOUR GENEROSITY IN THIS!!!

So, please excuse the randomness of this post, but thought you all might want an update.  My brain is on random remix at all times right now.

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