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Easter 2014

April 21, 2014

We had a wonderful Easter, though I only have one picture to document it.

In the pew early while Daddy got ready with the men's chorus

In the pew early while Daddy got ready with the men’s chorus

But let me back up, because I last left you with us in Washington, about to leave for Idaho, making a return trip to Washington in a few weeks.  All that happened, or is still planned for, but it didn’t happen in the smoothest of ways.

Tuesday morning, Amelia was still coughing and sickly, and Levi was acting off, so we cancelled our plans for the day, made up new ones to celebrate our anniversary in a low-key way and went about our business.  (Confession: those blog posts you read last week had been written in advance, hence the lack of real-time updates.)

Wednesday morning, Matthew had a fever, as did Levi – both over 100F, so we cancelled that day’s plans and looked ahead to our plan to drive out Thursday.  Our hope was to spend a day with friends in northern Idaho before heading South to Boise/Nampa, but we didn’t want to spread the plague.  It seemed mild, though, so we held out hope.

Thursday morning, the hope was dashed.  Levi was still at 102F, Amelia was much better, and Axel was a little off.  Matthew was much better, too, so we let our friends know and began packing.  We left around 1pm, after a tasty lamb lunch with my parents.  Levi threw up an hour into the drive.  We made it halfway to Boise (which was the new plan) and spent the night in Pendleton, OR.  The hotel room was clean and comfy, buuuuuuut, Axel was feverish and not consolable.  Levi, too, was feverish.  We finally put the two big kids in their bed and tried to get to sleep.  Axel would not.

It was a loooooong night with a sick baby who fussed and whined – poor guy was so feverish.  A bath helped a little, but not enough to put him to sleep.  (Levi and Amelia were true angels and slept through the WHOLE night in the tiny hotel room.)  We finally got worried about Axel, so Matthew headed out with him in search of a thermometer and some Ibuprofen.  Axel did indeed fall into a fitful sleep in the car as Matthew drove around only to discover Pendleton does not, in fact, contain any store open between midnight and 5am. Not a single one.

Thankfully, it was about 4:30am when he learned this, so he cooled Axel in the morning air while waiting for the grocery to open.  I, meanwhile, was grateful for some sleep back at the hotel.  Turned out Axel was still in the 100-101F range, so nothing too daunting, but the poor kid finally fell asleep in his car seat and we got a few hours in the morning before the big ones woke.

At the hotel breakfast Levi threw up twice, Axel fussed some more, and we were back on the road to make the 3.5 hour drive home.  Easy peasy.

We made it, mostly intact, and no more sickness while traveling.  Whew.

Actually, the kids instantly improved upon coming home – and our house was perfectly tidy and clean, thanks to the best house sitter on the planet.

But the yard, oh the yard…

We moved into the house in September and knew the yard was a mess.  But it had grown in the month we were in Washington to reveal that the entire front yard was dandelions.  Not dandelions in the grass, but JUST dandelions.  Lots of them.  Oh, and some bluebells.  But mostly dandelions.  Have I mentioned the dandelions?  It was amazing.  And disgusting.

Two hours later, Matthew had rented a rototiller and dug up the entire yard.  Thankfully, it was over 70F outside – truly inspiring weather!

Matthew and Amelia attended the Good Friday service that evening while I stayed home with the sick boys.

Saturday was more yard work, unpacking, tending children on the mend, and preparing for Easter.

Easter Sunday came, sunny and warm, and it was wonderful to be home at our church.  It seems we were truly missed and we felt the love!  We had a simple lunch at home, took naps, played some games, and headed off to evening service.  It was a wonderful day of rest!

We were asked recently if we had any Easter traditions, which got us thinking.  We do not.  But why?  After thinking it through, we realized that the last four Easters have been spent in four different locations.  The last three Easters (Amelia’s entire life of Easter Sundays) have been spent in three different countries, on three different continents.  You can read all about 2011, 2012 and 2013 Easters if you’re curious.

What an interesting life – one that is possible only because of the sacrificial lamb that we celebrate on that glorious Resurrection Day.

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  1. Tim Rice permalink
    April 22, 2014 0829

    We are praying for you.

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