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Checking In from WA…

April 16, 2014

Tomorrow we head back to Idaho after a very successful trip to Washington.  What made it so successful?  Well, having a constantly full calendar with appointments aplenty visiting with friends and new contacts to spread the word about what God has called us to do in Congo – and building our team – made it all worthwhile.  If you’re really into the numbers, we’ve topped 75% and have several people who have expressed interested and promise for joining our team and so we expect we’re actually even closer to our goal of 100% supported by the end of May.

Actually, Washington has been so wonderful we’re going back.  Yep.  In two weeks.  We contemplated extending our stay, but we really had some things to take care of in Idaho that couldn’t wait any longer and could use the two weeks back “home.”  It’s only about an eight hour drive, not the worst thing in the world, so we figure it’s worth it.

So, we’ll be back [in WA] the first weekend in May – we have a few new churches and new people with whom to share.  We are so excited to see God open so many doors near the end of this long journey of building our team.  We plan to spend about three weeks in the Pacific Northwest.

That being said, we aren’t finished raising financial support.  If you are considering becoming part of our ministry, please do so.  Our goal of being fully supported by the end of May is still totally doable, but we hope that YOU can be part of making that happen.  Visit our support tab up top to know how to set up ongoing support – monthly, quarterly, yearly, whatever.  We are so CLOSE and so EXCITED!!!

And THANK YOU for supporting us, whether it is through finances, encouragement or prayer!!!

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