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Europe: Resurrection Rest

March 31, 2013

Our first blog post about Easter is one of our most popular posts, since people searching for chickens being beheaded accidentally bump across it…that was in 2011 in Alaska.  Then, last year, our first Sunday in Congo was Easter Sunday, where we were sort of like zombies at the sunrise service on the Congo River.  This year, we are on yet a third continent, celebrating in a different way.  I have no idea where we might be for Easter in 2014…how fun!

Today was a relaxation day.  We took a walk around the neighborhood this morning – Hanna on a little bike and Levi on a tricycle, and the two little ones in strollers.  It snowed on and off all day again, and was fairly chilly.  We walked along a dike, saw some sheep and geese, went to a small playground, and climbed the bell tower of the town [Catholic] church.  After lunch, I took a nap while Amelia slept.  Hanna and Levi played a three-year-old’s version of hide-and-seek.

For Easter dinner, we went out to a pancake restaurant – where the pancakes are about 15 inches across and come with any additions you can imagine.  Matthew got a cheese one, and I enjoyed a raspberry pancake with powdered sugar.  Levi and Amelia are HUGE pancake fans, and inhaled theirs as well.

Tonight, after the kids were asleep, Nicolien’s parents were kind enough to hang out for a bit while we went to the town bonfire.

Of course, there are lots of pictures, but my computer is about to die and we are headed to bed.  Tomorrow is an all-day date in Amsterdam, courtesy of our hosts volunteering to hang out with our kids!  Woo hoo!  Amsterdam is about an hour’s train ride away – we are excited to play tourist for a day after a few days of being locals.

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