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Day 50

July 23, 2013

Only one week to order from our Pampered Chef show – don’t wait until the last moment!

Today is Day 50!  What?!  That’s a long time to be on the road…

Yesterday, for the afternoon, we decided to go to the community pool.  It was really fun (despite being called out of the water for a bit due to thunder) – there was a shallow pool with lots of fun water features, a river where the water flowed quickly, and two adult-sized water slides that Matthew and his dad had a lot of fun on for a bit.  Amelia’s fever was temporarily broken with Tylenol, plus the water we thought might help her feel better (or at least distract her).  Levi had a GREAT time, as he always does in the water.

However, we got home and Amelia was feeling pretty sick so we just put her to bed where she was asleep within 30 seconds. We enjoyed a true Southern dish of cheesy grits and shrimp – Catherine is a fantastic cook!  It was time for Levi to go to bed, so we got Amelia up and put Levi down.  Amelia ate some Cheerios, drank something cold, and watched Shaun the Sheep until it was time for more Tylenol and bed.

She woke twice in the night, but was mostly better by morning.  Levi seemed fine as well, so we all headed out to the Georgia Aquarium.  Did you know it is the largest in the world?  It was crowded, but we went straight the what the kids wanted to see most: sharks.  They both love sharks.  Well, Amelia declared a love for sharks, but when one swam too close to her, she pouted and said “I scared! It’s going to bite’chu!”  So adorable, especially compared to two exhibits later when she was petting the piranhas through the glass…she had no idea.

About half way through the sharks (and sting and manta rays), Levi started whining and we realized he had a fever.  We got through the rest of the aquarium with minimal damage, though Levi was pretty upset about not feeling well.  We nixed going to the World of Coke, but mostly due to the cost.

After aquarium, we headed to a Southern place, Mary Mac’s Tea Room, where they served true Southern cuisine.  It was awesome, except for poor Levi, who had curled up on the floor for most of the meal, except for the brief trip to the bathroom – thank goodness he hadn’t eaten much!  We finished a delicious dinner (the place is famous – pictures of all sorts of famous people – and Justin Bieber – signed on the wall) and drove home.  Levi went straight to bed, where he continues to sleep off his sickness.  Amelia is feeling fine and is her normal loquacious self, so we expect Levi to be feeling fine by tomorrow.

Off for more adventures tomorrow – hopefully our health holds out!

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