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Days 48 & 49

July 22, 2013

You know that thing when you work really hard for a period of time then take a scheduled and much-needed vacation, only to get sick.  Welcome to our world.  Last post, I emphasized that our time here in GA was not only to be productive, but also to have some R&R…and so, of course, we get sick.

For me, I have just wasted away into complete exhaustion.  Saturday I took a three hour nap and was otherwise completely worn out.  Yesterday I slept for four hours after church!  Thanks to happy grandparents, the kids woke today, but we didn’t, and I slept until 10:30…for real.  I feel a lot better, though still a little worn down.  Traveling+two small kids+ pregnancy…I have no idea who to blame, but I am happy to have the ability and time to get the rest I need!

For Amelia, this morning, she woke normally, but a half hour later came back downstairs (where we were sleeping in) and climbed into bed with us (on top of Daddy, really) and fell promptly back asleep for an hour.  Once we were up, Amelia came over and we realized she felt slightly feverish – Tylenol and crawling up on Daddy yet again and she is now back out.  Poor girl!

So far, Levi and Matthew seem fine, so hopefully it’s just a brief time for recovery as we do have some things planned for the week!

Otherwise, yesterday we had a great time at Brookwood Presbyterian Church, where we presented our ministry during the Sunday School hour and answered more questions during the lunch that followed the service.

Time to enjoy the Georgia heat – we’ve already caught a cicada and breathed in some extra humid air (though the weather is completely reminiscent of the Congo).

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