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Days 51 – 53

July 26, 2013

Just a quick update.  Mostly we’ve done stuff as a family, hung out, rested, worked on…stuff.  We did get the opportunity to meet some of friends of Matthew’s dad here in Atlanta, as well as meet with a family that we met in Congo during their adoption process.

In other news, just a few days left to order from our Pampered Chef show – we are half way to our goal of $1000 in sales and just a few orders will put us over the top!  If you’re part of our facebook party, there are giveaways and discounts that are also attainable!

And, lastly, I went to visit a midwife today for my 24 week visit.  Everything is right on track and looks great.  Baby is positioned well, measuring correctly and has a steady heart beat.  I have no complaints, other than being tired and hungry most of the time.  Just 16 or so weeks to go!

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