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Days 35 & 36: ME & NYC

July 9, 2013

Yesterday morning we left our hosts in New Hampshire and drove north to Maine.  We didn’t have anything specific to do in Maine, but we were only a short drive away and by stopping there, when we’re done with this road trip we will have stopped in all four corners of the contiguous 48 states!

By Bow, NH - so old, so awesome!

Bye, Bow, NH – so old, so awesome!

Maine was very pretty and we stopped at a beach for above three minutes – enough to stick our toes in the Atlantic and take a few pictures.

Fleeing the Atlantic!  While your little sister laughs at you...

Fleeing the Atlantic! While your little sister laughs at you…

At the beach in Maine

At the beach in Maine

We drove back across the border to Portsmouth, NH.  This town was established in 1623.  It was very touristy, but we did want some New England seafood, so we got a plate of fish, chips, and chowder.  Best. Chowder. Ever.

Then it was time to head to our stop for the next three days…New York City!  We had found a cute little apartment, advertised  as 1100 square feet and a one bedroom – a perfect little getaway.  It had free street parking, a short walk to the Staten Island ferry (which is free) and with the kitchen, we could have breakfasts and dinners there, saving money.  It was a steal of a deal, so we booked.

We got stuck in traffic in the Bronx and Amelia promptly decided to empty her stomach.  That was fun.  Once we passed the traffic, though, we were back in business, driving hurriedly to our home for the next few days – it was late and we were tired.

Unfortunately, the advertisement was…not as we’d hoped.  It was only a studio and around 450 square feet.  Everything else was true, but those disappointments were enough to make us disappointed.  Bummer.  And it was hot…

The host of the apartment, though, has been super nice and helpful and understood why we were disappointed.  She is very nice and has bent over backward to make our stay pleasant, despite missed expectations.

We slept very well after a rough evening and everyone slept until 8am!  We ate breakfast and headed out for our first full day in NYC…today’s goal was to see Central Park!

First, we walked to the ferry after missing the bus.  The walk wasn’t so bad, but we knew we really didn’t want to make it again, especially at the end of the long day.  The ferry ride was gorgeous, across the harbor viewing the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

Getting ready to go on the ferry

Getting ready to go on the ferry

Amelia gazes at the "lady," as she called it

Amelia gazes at the “lady,” as she called it

After arriving, we tackled the New York subway system…and survived!  We took one train, then another and arrived safely to Central Park, though a few blocks over.

Levi overlooking the reservoir at Central Park

Levi overlooking the reservoir at Central Park

Over the course of the long day, with lots of walking, we visited 7 different playgrounds.  The kids had a BLAST at each one and played with lots of different kids!

The Safari playground...just like Africa

The Safari playground…just like Africa

Matthew and Levi atop Belvedere's castle

Matthew and Levi atop Belvedere’s castle

We did get some lunch from a truck – it was the best gyro of my life.  Oh my goodness, so good…

Next we took the subway back towards the boat, but got off at Times Square to walk through…at 5:30pm.  It was so busy, but so fun.  Amelia loved seeing Elmo and Levi loved seeing Woody…we also saw Predator on a cell phone.  It’s a crazy place and we loved it, just for a little while.

Times Square!

Times Square!

Finally, we got on the subway again and headed back to the ferry terminal, back across the harbor, caught the bus and arrived back at the apartment.  Whew.

Tomorrow’s goals are a few more sights…hopefully we’re not too tired after all that walking…

Manhattan from the boat

Manhattan from the boat

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  1. July 16, 2013 0829

    Awesome photos. My only experience in NYC was driving through Manhattan along with 9820349504 crazies…all beeping their horns. I wish I could have taken the transit methods and say a little more at a slower pace.

  2. September 4, 2014 0829

    I am loving keeping up with your blog, Lisa! Loved reading about your experience with NY. It made me just “a tiny bit” homesick:) I keep thinking about what an unbelievably awesome experience for your kids!!!!! I will continue to pray for you all. Stay strong in your faith!!!

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