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Day 34: The Rest of NH

July 7, 2013

So, blogging late at night is dangerous, but it’s really the only time I have to do it.  My post from yesterday left out our Friday night get together entirely!  Ahhh!!!  So, my apologies to our hosts and the guests that came!

We had a great time Friday night with one large family and a few others.  The large family was such a blessing because they have adopted several times over, from all over the world.  We just shared and chatted until we were all too tired to share anymore.

So, fast forward to today.  This morning we presented at Faith Baptist Church in Manchester, NH – well, Matthew presented, I kept two tired kids quiet in the pew.  We met some great folks after church during the fellowship time and were able to hang around long enough to meet the pastor of the church that meets there in the afternoon.  That church is African! We didn’t catch his home country, but just talking to him reminded me of home in DRC – the accent, the gait to the language, his fancy suit.  It’s a great connection!

After church we headed south about half an hour to a friends’ house – these are friends from our days in Alaska.  When they moved ALL THE WAY to New Hampshire, we thought we wouldn’t see them again, especially in their house.  We had such a great, relaxing afternoon with them.  Their son is just a year older than Levi and their daughter is a few months older than Amelia.  And, of course, we’re both pregnant with #3s…though she’s due by the end of the month and I have a ways to go.  Amelia and I even got naps while at their house – that’s how you know you’re with true friends.

Tonight is our last night in New England and tomorrow we head off on a brief adventure to NYC…

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