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Day 37: NYC Continued…

July 10, 2013

Today was another great, and hot, day in the city!  Once again, we caught the bus to the ferry, the ferry to the subway, and the subway up one whole stop.  First, the kids were already hungry.  I’m not sure why, but they were and there was a deli, and I hadn’t had a bagel in New York yet…

After a few minutes of air-conditioned rest and eating, we walked to the 9/11 Memorial that sits on the site of the Twin Towers.  It is two huge pools, well, water falls into pools (that both kids asked about swimming in…), surrounded by the names of all those who lost their lives on that day and in the 1993 WTC bombing.  It is a very pretty site, very calm, and the pools are impressive – they are each the size of the footprint of each tower, and very deep.  I would look up the details for you, but you can probably figure out Google if you’re interested…

After that, we boarded the train again and headed uptown back to Times Square to get to Rockefeller Center.  My personal past time is television…the nerdy way, with history and trivia and whatnot – I’m a geek about it.  Anyway, seeing the NBC Studios has always been big on my to-do list and my husband is ever so loving to let me take the studio tour.  Little kids aren’t allowed, so the three of them headed back to Central Park and I got to take the tour.  It was so awesome to see the set of Nightly News with Brian Williams, the SNL studio and make up department*, and the Today Show set.  Just wandering the halls, escorted by smartly dressed pages, was really fun.

After my geek-fest, I walked down the 10 or so blocks to meet my family at our pre-arranged meeting spot, seeing lots of fun New York things along the way…we grabbed some hot dogs and headed back to the subway station.

We finally have the subway system figured out, so obviously it’s time to leave, right?  We came back to the little apartment, which is working out just fine, by the way – it’s in a great location and we are sleeping well.  We found a Chinese place and Matthew grabbed some dinner.

Now, the apartment is quiet, the kids are asleep and Matthew has ventured back into Manhattan…yep, by himself.  He really wanted to see it at night and one of us is required by law to stay with the children, or something like that.  Plus, I’m just too tired and/or too pregnant to walk anymore.  I’ve walked more miles in the past two days than I have in two years, I think…and to do it in the humidity while pregnant?  Fuggedaboutit…

*On seeing the SNL set: I am completely downplaying my excitement and geek-y-ness at seeing this cultural icon, by the way.  It is in the interest of YOUR interest…but if you’re also an SNL fan, then you can calmly geek out with me!  Eeeeeeeeeee…

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