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Day 28 Pictures!

February 9, 2012

Our dear friend Molly was trying out a new lens...

Atrium from our interesting hotel in Amarillo, TX

Other side of the atrium

Fountains and the rooms


So fancy, no?

I had been in the car too long, I think. Meanwhile, this is the archaic arcade!

Our room!

Huge mural and chandelier...this hotel had it all for only $50!

At breakfast in Amarillo - such love, or something

I received this "fortune" in a cookie the day before we left...we don't believe in these things, but it certainly was ironic

Levi, enjoying the ride

On a fruit by the foot...

My view on the road...

The road into New Mexico

A real mesa!

Oh, so sweet and normal...

Or not...Levi started it

My handsome little boy

Lounging by the pool

She found that rope and held on to it the entire time she was in the pool

"I'm swimming like a fish!"

Our room for four nights in Santa Fe

Our room is themed with "Raw Hide" decor

Really awesome table and chairs

Still with helpful amenities

Even the bathroom is adorable

The whole room

Amelia has her little play area - and she loves it!

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  1. February 10, 2012 0829

    those chairs! Just reminded me ~ y’all should go to Kakawa – chocolate house on Paseo de Peralta — make sure to get a sample of the Incan choc! — this is all drinking choc… but they do have a case of truffles and such :~)

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