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Day 26 & 27

February 8, 2012

We are in Santa Fe, New Mexico!  But let me back up a bit…

On Monday, we drove all afternoon, taking a long stop for gas/diaper changes somewhere in western Oklahoma, and then late into the night until we reached Amarillo, Texas right in the middle of the panhandle.  We found a really neat cheap hotel.  Pictures are the only way to really convey it (maybe tomorrow’s post).  It would’ve been extraordinary in 1970…and hasn’t really been updated since.

We awoke to SNOW!  We had about an inch on car…our 65F and sunny streak was over.  Bummer.  It was nice while it lasted, but it seems ironic to break it in Texas.  We left around 11am and got into Santa Fe without stopping at 2pm (yay for crossing a time zone).  We drove around a bit to get our bearings, made some calls to some contacts, and found a hotel for the night.

Matthew headed out to a prayer meeting while I stayed in with the kids.  Levi had a great time just playing and being by himself.  Once Matthew came back (with some local food that was fantastic!) and we had eaten, Matthew and the kids took to the pool – something we’d been promising Levi.

We got to bed late, and it was another long night with Amelia since she has a runny nose just like her older brother.  We enjoyed a hot breakfast at the hotel and spent some time figuring out our next steps here in Santa Fe.  We have a few leads and contacts, but we’re also going to spend the time until Sunday finalizing contacts back in Washington for when we return, along with catching up on some things we’ve been letting slide while on the road.

To accomplish this best, we needed to be in one space for the rest of the week here in Santa Fe (we’ll be here through Sunday), so we spent the afternoon checking out local hotels and are quite proud of our choice.  The room is small, but very quaint.  It’s a local, family-run place, but has all of the amenities we thought might be important for a multi-night stay and we love the local decor!  Again, pictures in a later post.  We’re also five minutes within anything we could possibly want (I’ve already been to Target, ya’ll).

So, I’m completely assuming you’ve seen the post from earlier today written by Matthew about a new development in Kinshasa.  If not, scroll down and read it – it’s big news and will be a challenge.  We’re praying hard for the Lord’s will, but we really want this housing opportunity to work!  We have a timeline goal and we’re going to work hard to achieve it by seeking the Lord and His strength in every way!

Now, tonight, we are feeling moved in for the first time in nearly four weeks.  I unpacked as much as possible, bought some food for the mini fridge, and Matthew set up our projector, speakers and the computer and we split the computer screens – Netflix on one, this blog on the other.  21st Century multitasking!  I am really excited for our little space and the work we’ll accomplish over the next few days.  Please pray for us, for our strength to return as we stay in one place longer than just two nights, and for support to rapidly come in so that we can take advantage of what seems to be a perfect housing opportunity in Africa!

On a side note, a few of you have asked about what EXACTLY we’ll be doing in Africa, since I’ve apparently ignored that fact here on the blog…to answer that question I’ll direct you to our website: and try to update the “About Us” section on the blog to be more specific.  I apologize for the lack of info in the meantime!

Tomorrow: Pictures!

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