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PLEASE PRAY (GOOD STUFF)! – Shameless Plug

February 8, 2012


We have had a fantastic opportunity open up, we would appreciate your prayers that this can be worked out: A furloughees (non MAF) house has opened up and it sounds perfect!  We need to get there before April! The house is a small three bedroom, with a walled yard, coconut, avocado and a mango tree in the back yard, and, a clean water well!  The best part is that the house is WAY under budget and fully furnished!  We would be able to take care of the house for the entire year the family is stateside!

We need prayer that this house could be reserved for us, and that we would make it down there in time!


If you have been praying/considering supporting us financially, we only need a few more commitments before we can buy tickets and get a firm departure date.  A partnership of even $20 to $40 a month goes a long way and is a big encouragement – we also see the double edged sword where people with a financial reminder of our effort are encouraged to pray that the Lord uses their funds and our efforts to good effect!  This is a team effort, and we need more people on board!  Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your pastor, tell your elders, tell your rich on-the-death-bed-great-aunt-composing-her-will 😉  Too far?  Love you guys and thanks for the firm support from everyone!  We are grateful for and humbled by your sacrificial efforts towards our collective work in the DRC!

God Bless,


Added by Lisa:  Even more bold?  HERE is the link to donate online right now!

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  1. Donna Resnick permalink
    February 8, 2012 0829

    Lisa and Matt,
    I don’t know if Phil has sent in the card or not. I will check tonight when he comes home but this year we can do $25 a month. This is really exciting. I hope this works out for you to get to stay in that house. Sounds really just perfect for you all.

  2. February 8, 2012 0829

    did you say avocado AND mango?! — [and yes, I would edit out the part about the will…]

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