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Day 28

February 9, 2012

Picture post below!

So, about the house…we are still buzzing with excitement and nervousness.  Nervous because our program director in Kinshasa says the house is “ours” and that means we have an obligation and a deadline.  We now really need to be there in early April!  That’s only seven weeks away!  We are currently 67% of our financial goal – perhaps you can push us farther?  Back in Nampa they are looking at dates and crunching numbers and we very well may soon have an official leave date, or at least we may be able to get the visa process started.  This such an amazing whirlwind that is really hasn’t even sunk in yet!

We’ve also learned that this house is right near two other MAF families and we are so excited to have friends so close already!  While in many places, missionaries tend to live on a compound or similar situation, that is not the case in Kinshasa, so having other missionaries and ex-pats close by can be a real advantage!

Thank you for your prayers as we hope to make the rest of our time stateside quick.  Please consider supporting us and pray about what that might mean.  We would love to have you onboard!

And as for today, we spent most of it working hard to finalize contacts back in Washington for when we return from our road trip.  We also got caught up on a few things.  The day started out warm and sunny and we were able to wander around downtown Santa Fe after getting lunch at another local favorite.  By this evening, though, there were snow flurries and there is snow in the forecast for tonight!  Levi even got an excellent nap and is starting to feel better.

So, we hope to relax a bit tonight and get right back to work tomorrow!

Tomorrow: Friday marks four weeks on the road!

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