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Day 10

January 22, 2012

I’ll tell you: if you ever want to up the traffic on your blog, go on a road trip with two under three in the middle of winter.  My goodness…even thought NO ONE comments (hint, hint), I can see you all reading.  And that really is enough to encourage us.  (Matthew really doesn’t blog, but he bugs me to do it…it’s his way of contributing, you know.  Someday I’ll convince to do his own post.  There – comment on that.)

Anyway, so last night.  Worst. night. ever.  The evening should have been a sign.  I put Levi down for a nap in his “special bed,” a toddler-sized air mattress on the floor in our room, at 2:30pm.  And we didn’t hear a peep until I finally checked on him at 8:30pm.  8:30?!?  I didn’t want to wake him, figuring he was just catching up on some sleep that was sorely missed, not worrying about messing up his bed time.  But, he woke super cranky, struggled like I’ve never seen him through dinner and chilled to watch part of a movie on the couch until we put him to bed at 10pm.  (Matthew had gone to a movie with the male-half of our host couple.)  We crawled into bed at 11pm and it was the exact moment that I shut off the light that we heard the worst sound a parent can hear, especially on the way to bed.  Levi threw up.  In bed.  On went the light and we spent the next hour cleaning up and getting Levi resettled.  We squoze (that IS a word, right?) into the full size bed…all four of us…for a bit, until Levi was ready to sleep.  Just as Matthew helped him into his newly re-made special bed, we heard it again.  The light went back on and this time we cut clean-up down to forty minutes.  Thankfully, I was able to use the washer and dryer and find anything that I needed here – whew.  But, of course, we were worried about Levi.  We do figure he just caught what Amelia and I (and Matthew just a touch) had the past few days.  Some sort of brief stomach bug-thing.  Either way, he finally passed out.  Sadly, that was not the end of the night.  In all of the commotion, Amelia was as happy as a clam, but that last little stretch caused her to go from tired to over-tired. Any parent knows that babies that are over-tired don’t simply pass out…they fight it with every ounce of their tiny being.  So, after me trying what I could for an hour, Matthew took her out to a rocking chair and didn’t end up back in bed until 2:30am.

Longest day!

But this morning we enjoyed a great service at Grace Bible Presbyterian Church just outside Cincinnati and Levi even fell asleep right at the end of the sermon (go figure).  Tonight we have a brief presentation at their evening service and, hopefully, will enjoy a good night of sleep.  Again, thanks for your prayers and encouragement!  It’s a busy time being on the road and we are tired, but pushing through and are so blessed seeing the Lord work!

Tomorrow: Off to eastern Kentucky!

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  1. Micah permalink
    January 22, 2012 0829

    That sounds like an AWFUL night. I’ve woken up to cats puking, I can’t imagine waking up to either of the boys puking. I’m assuming one day we’ll be ‘graced’ with that privilege. Hope Levi is feeling better today!

  2. Jan Allen Lind permalink
    January 22, 2012 0829

    Lisa, we are anxiously awaiting you blog entry every day. Its good to hear from you.

  3. January 22, 2012 0829

    Here, here! Matthew should write a post :~)
    [and I do comment!]

  4. Julieanne permalink
    January 23, 2012 0829

    oh man…what a ride! I’m so sorry for that incredibly long night….I pray you are all healed and empowered to get the rest you need and keep going strong in JESUS!!!
    love and hugs!!!

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