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Day 11

January 23, 2012

Last night’s presentation at Grace Presbyterian Church went really well, we think.  And we were well received – the people there were so welcoming and kind.  This part of gathering partners for our ministry – meeting new people, being welcomed – is really fun.

One of the highlights of our last visit was that the Mrs. had been a laboratory technician back in her army days in the 70’s.  So, we had been doing the same job, but 40 years apart.  (That had been my job, pre-kiddos.)  It was so fun to talk about the difference in the work place.  Where she had been doing most of the testing by hand, including mixing her own chemicals, I told her about all of the automation that has come into play in the field.

However, despite the fun, we left their house just outside Cincinnati this morning and drove only about two hours (soooo short!) to my uncle’s house in the tri-state area of Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia.  Right now Amelia is sleeping on my cousin’s lap while Levi is being shown how to play Angry Bird (literally saying, “Go Angry Bird!  Knock the tower over!”) on her iPhone.  My grandma is watching while my aunt and uncle putter around before dinner.  Such a nice, relaxing visit and so fun to see family before heading overseas.  This cousin and her sister (who lives in Pittsburgh) are getting married this summer and we are so sad to miss it, especially since it will be a joint wedding in Mexico!

Our visit here, while it is mainly to see family, is a nice break and a time to figure out what the next weekend will bring.  We have several leads and hope to have plans by the end of tomorrow, but we are praying for the Lord’s leading and that a church or group of people will be open to hearing about our ministry and that our other plans can also be fulfilled.  Our next scheduled stop is in St. Louis, MO, just for an overnight, on the 31st.  Please pray with us for doors to be opened and that ministry partners will be found this week!

Matthew will also taking the time to check out our car, since we’ve pushed it so hard.  It’s been such a blessing and hasn’t had any problems, but my uncle has a garage and all of the necessary tools, so what a great place to be!  We also should clean out our car.  Although, after such a long trip with all of the cold weather, it was soooo nice and warm today, despite the wind, being nearly 60F!  Even the wind felt warm…as Alaskans, we remember the Chinooks fondly.

Here are a few pictures:

Levi and cousin Allison with his new Mr. Potato Head

So studious...

More studious-ness...

Lisa's grandma (now called: Great Grandma Grace), feeding Amelia

Allison and Amelia

Tomorrow: Family time!

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  1. Karen Madsen permalink
    January 24, 2012 0829

    Hi, Lisa,

    Your mom sent the link to your blog and I have enjoyed reading about your road trip. I brings back so many memories of traveling with our son and daughter when they were very young, both the joys and the sorrows. I am glad to hear all is well and wish you the best as you continue from here.

    Karen Madsen

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