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Day 9

January 21, 2012

I hope not to be finished with Day 9, since we’re not done with it, though the rest of the day will be pretty down. We finally arrived at our destination after a leisurely breakfast in southeast Indiana. At the Waffle House, Levi decided to order his own food. He proceeded to charm all of the waitresses and, when finally time to place his order, clearly stated “I would like waffles, scrambled eggs and…ummmm…oh oh oh! And syrup!”

The drive was wet, with only a few ice patches here and there and we arrived safely at the same time predicted by the GPS (unlike the five hour difference from last night). Levi is currently napping (yay!) and we are enjoying the company of our hosts, old family friends of my (Lisa’s) parents.

Here are a few pictures from yesterday, and one from this morning:

Portillo's Hot Dog "Stand" - fantastic place!

Lisa at Second City Theater...and Amelia's head sticking out from my coat

Andree and Amelia - bonding!

Yay for friends!

Amelia the princess, commanding her kingdom

Next up: Sharing our mission work at Grace Presbyterian in Ohio!

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