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MP Training

January 27, 2014

Today we began two weeks of Ministry Partnership training.  While it may seem a little late (it is!), it’s just how it is.  MP training is two weeks where the wise, experienced MP department at MAF HQ teaches the new missionaries, just accepted the week before, how to build a ministry team of prayer and financial partners, and how to keep those relationships strong.  Obviously, we are not new, but as short term staff, we weren’t required to take this course and have had unavoidable plans for each subsequent time the course was offered.  The timing now is good, though, because we’re ready for some fresh encouragement as we try to seek out who God has planned to support the last 40-ish% of our required monthly amount we need to raise to head back over to Africa.

Today we especially focused on the Biblical nature of raising support, as well as the practical aspects of meetings to share about our ministry with folks, like the basics of public speaking and what to share.  The next two weeks will include lots of practice at sharing and other more housekeeping things that new missionary staff of MAF will need to know.

A lot of it, on paper, is review for us.  But, to be in this two-week seminar with others who are new and have new things to share is important!  And we are excited to be some of the first field staff to meet the fresh meat!  (Hmmm, that’s probably not politically correct, huh?)  Sadly, the other three couples are not assigned to DRC, though.

Today, while we were practicing parts of what we’ll be sharing and recording ourselves, we took this photo.  Can’t you feel the enthusiasm?  Axel?!

Photo on 1-27-14 at 3.05 PM

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