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An Amazing Gift

January 25, 2014

As missionaries, we are sometimes given things.  Obviously, people pray for us and commit to that.  We NEED those prayers and would be stuck without them.  Then, other people are called to support us financially.  The reasons and whys and Biblical backing of this is a whole post unto itself, so I’ll leave it at that.  Well, I’ll add that those people are awesome.

In addition to these things, though, sometimes people give us other stuff.  Obviously there have been countless people who have housed and fed us.  There was one family we spent a weekend with this summer who insisted, tongue-in-cheek, that God would strike them if they let missionaries pay for anything.  We tried to help, but they wouldn’t let us.  Even if it was MY birthday!  Ha!

Then, there was another family that, after us gushing about their amazing Dyson rechargeable vacuum and how it would be PERFECT for Congo because it swept hard floors and didn’t need to be plugged in and it was so light…they went out and bought us one.  Uh. Maz. Ing.

But, on Matthew’s trip to Washington, we were completely blown away by our newest treasure to take to Africa.  Matthew’s dinner host for the evening insisted that one of the greatest things missionaries can do is take good pictures.  And, while publicly taking pictures (in the city) is somewhere between taboo and illegal, there are still plenty of opportunities for photography.  Pictures help all of YOU experience this with us, and, as our TEAM that sends and supports us, this is critical.  And our point and shoot has been doing a decent job.  Decent.  Good enough.  But, before sending Matthew home for the evening, he pulled out this…and GAVE. IT. TO. US.

Canon EOS Rebel T4i  (plus a whole camera backpack full of the necessary accessories)

Canon EOS Rebel T4i
(plus a whole camera backpack full of the necessary accessories)

Matthew and I had both wished and dreamed for a better camera, but it was filed away with Things-That-We-Really-Want-But-Can’t-Afford, like LASIK for my poor blind eyes and an IKEA shopping spree before packing…but none of that is absolutely required and we were/are quite content.  But to be gifted in such an amazing way, well…we are AMAZED.  And grateful for this awesome couple and their support.

Why do I share?  Because hopefully our photos will get more awesome and help you to experience the beauty that is Congo!!!  God loves this place and we hope to capture some of the joy that He has put there!  With a better camera, my rudimentary photography skills will be just a little less noticed…and may God be glorified in those photos!

And now, to figure out how to use it…or at least turn it on.

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  1. January 25, 2014 0829

    Amazing!! I’m SO jealous!!

  2. January 25, 2014 0829

    Amazing!! I’m so jealous! What a fabulous gift!


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