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Prayer Request List (and an update)

September 17, 2013

Matthew and Levi are currently using their muscles to save the world…from the ugliness that is the wallpaper in our kitchen.  (See last post if you missed the BIG news.)  It’s a first world problem, for sure, but it would not even be welcome in third world countries, I assure you.

We’ve been busy the last two days with getting the house ready for move-in time.  Gathering the things we need and preparing the house – it’s in need of a bit of cleaning and a lot of paint, a few light fixtures and some furniture.  Not a lot, but a lot of little jobs.  We hope to move by next week sometime.

This morning we also stopped by the MAF headquarters to say hello, check in on some things, pick up some stuff that was waiting for us, and just get reacquainted.  It’s fun to see our home office family again!  If you’re reading this and DIDN’T see us yet…we’ll be back…lots.

Anyway, back to the wallpaper and assorted house things…it is busy, dirty work, but are so excited for this little part of investing in our future AND our present.

So, how can you be praying for us right now?

– We have lots to do in a relatively short period of time.  Our first training segment starts on October 4 and will go continually for two weeks, a busy 8-5 day, leaving little time for projects.  So, we want to be as ready as possible for that time to focus on our training AND have a comfortable living space.  Pray that we will work hard right now – and pray that sickness stays away!

– Pray that the follow up we are doing with people and churches on the road leads to growth in our support team, as well as cemented relationships that we hope will keep going for a long time!

– Pray that our kids will continue to adjust.  They are masters at being flexible, but it’s time to have a more orderly day by nature of the training.  Also, pray that they will enjoy their time with their sitter (who we will meet on Thursday) and her kiddos!

– Pray that other details, like language school, manager training, and our final placement are being sought through by those who are in charge of such decisions.  Pray that we will be patient and wait for those decisions to be made!

– Praise God with us that things are going well, all things considered!  Baby #3 is growing and moving and seems quite happy to stay put for a few more weeks…and please pray that it continues to be so!  I don’t want to go into labor too early…and in the middle of training!

– And, most importantly, pray for Congo.  Pray both for our MAF team there and other missionaries serving, but also for the people we love so much!

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