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The End of the Road Trip…

September 14, 2013

Of course, I need to do a picture post with all of the latest pictures from the road trip…but really, it’s over and we are quite happy to be in one place, with just one more move until we leave to head out to language school.

But that leaves many questions.  Until now, we have had a plan and schedule.  Now that the road trip is over, things are out of our hands.  Thankfully, though, things were never really in our hands.  God has been leading us and guiding us, but he’s also been leading others.  Our support still sits just over 50%.  Some days that is actually discouraging…but God has a plan in mind for how we go from here to 100%.  Maybe He’s nudging you to help, to partner, to be part of the work He has for us in Africa?

God has also been leading those at MAF’s HQ and beyond.  We have five months of training (various modules and seminars, so it’s not constant) here, but not all of it is laid out yet.  Then there is language school.  Of course, we can only go to language school once we are mostly supported, so maybe we won’t go in five months, or maybe we will.  God’s timing doesn’t bother us – but how do we pursue a Godly use of our time, but at the same time, trusting completely in His plan and timing?  I suppose we’ll know more about that in five months.

So, where do we go to language school?  Still unknown, though conversations have taken place and we have shared our thoughts with those at MAF who will point us in the best direction.  Again, it’s God’s plan and timing.

Mission work overseas extends far beyond going to live in a foreign culture and land…it begins with the preparation on the homefront.  I still think this phase is tougher than actually living in Africa, but don’t hold me to that.  🙂

However, bringing us back to the present, we have been busy this summer in other ways.  Believe it or not, it gets crazier!  When we landed on this side of the ocean in April, we spent a lot of time thinking about and planning for our future.  Obviously, we were thinking about our future with MAF in DRC and planning that.  Then planning for the immediate future – the road trip, which hopefully helps us to prepare a team to get us back to DRC.

Then, there’s the future that makes you feel like an adult…the far far future.  Some people call it saving for retirement, others call it investing.  One thing we really hadn’t considered, but knew we needed to!  Then, people here in the Boise area kept talking about how great the housing market is.  It crashed, HARD, in 2008, but the area is growing rapidly and the housing prices have started to rise.  The rental market is hot, and the houses are still generally cheap.  We began to casually look at houses, not really sure if actually investing in one made much sense for us.  Would we live in it?  What about making payments?  Seriously, a house?!

Then, as fall and winter training plans came together with MAF HQ, we realized our stay in the area would be quite long and, with adding a new baby, would be rather involved, even though it still is temporary.  So, we made up a list of criteria and began to look more seriously as it seemed more and more like a logical step.  Then, we made our first offer after viewing a house while we were in the area.  We left and were on our way back to Seattle when we got word that the offer fell through.  Oh bummer!

We made a second offer and a third.  Both fell through.  Then we found it.  It was perfect – adorable, great location, not a short sale or foreclosure (we knew we’d need it in the fall for it to make sense, so we couldn’t wait out a bank), not too much work needed, would rent well, and within our price range.  We made an offer above asking price just to be sure (it was priced LOW).  We were so excited!

It fell through.

Obviously, God did not want us to have a house.  We had been mistaken in what we thought were His plans.  We were over-excited about being back in the US.  We weren’t thinking clearly.  We prayed and prayed.  But, no, really, it still made sense to keep looking.  And we found one.  We didn’t love it at first, but we were so heart-broken over the last one.  This one needed a little more TLC, but was much bigger.  This one didn’t have the adorable yard, but was in a more accessible part of town and would probably rent easier.  This one had a garage and a perfect place to store things we’re leaving behind, without getting in the renter’s way.  This one was the same price.  We made an offer.

It stuck!  And now it’s ours!

And today we saw it for just the second time.

God has provided so much for us in this process.  We were able to get a new roof as part of the offer.  The house had no problems being empty and fairly neglected all summer.  It is the perfect space for us with room for guests – we’re having quite a few parade in when baby comes.  And we are praying that God is lining up good renters for us.

The beautiful thing is, though, that it was such a good deal, that even if renters don’t come, the small monthly payments won’t affect our ministry in Congo.  We won’t be struggling and worrying about something back in the states.  It’s exactly what we hoped for in an investment and a little for retirement.

Today, my parents headed back to WA, where they live full time, and we set out to begin the process of settling.  We needed a few basic furniture pieces, like beds!, but are wary of spending too much.  God provided SO MUCH for us today through Craigslist and thrift stores – a bed for us, for guests, a couch and loveseat, a baby dresser and changing table combo.  We already have a dining table that belonged to Matthew’s grandparents.  Levi’s crib has been in storage since we left Alaska; Amelia never got the chance to use it, due to us moving around so much when she was crib-sized, but she’ll use it now as we convert it to a toddler bed.  We have a bassinet for tiny baby #3.

We have some work to do (and if you’re in the area, we’d love some help!) to make it feel a little more like home – and make it a little more renter-friendly – but not much.  Actually, our home inspector, who is also a friend of my parents, told them that if we hadn’t closed on the house, he would’ve picked it up because it’s in such great condition!  What an uplifting comment!

And now, you curious minds want to see pictures…and they’re on our computer and I’m not.  But soon…especially as we have some “afters” to go next to the “befores!”

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  1. September 15, 2013 0829

    So glad you’ve made a good purchase of a home. A good low price and a good rental market and hopefully, a good property mgr can help you build for your future. Hard assets are good investments. Please be sure that you secure your stored belongings to avoid theft from renters. Love and Blessings to the (5) of you.


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