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Days 98 – 100

September 11, 2013

Yep, 100 days on the road!

So, anyway, the past three days have been really busy.  Let me see if I can recount them with any sense of accuracy…

On Monday we enjoyed a great breakfast reunion with a friend from our home church in Tacoma, WA and her husband, who had just been hired in Tucson as an assistant pastor.  It was so fun to get to know them a little bit!

We headed back to our hosts’ house and packed up, said goodbye, and went off to a lunch appointment with the missions chair and pastor of the church we attended on Sunday.  It was fun to share more details about the work in DRC with MAF, all while Amelia slept on Matthew’s lap in the restaurant.

The rest of the day was the drive across the desert of Arizona.  Our goal was to cross the border of California for the night.  We made it, but the fifty cent gas price increase and the interesting choices of hotels, most surrounded by a friendly-looking assortment of homeless people, we decided to head back five miles across the border in Arizona for the night.

That hotel room we shared with a few crickets, but they were welcoming enough and the kids enjoyed them…when they were under the water cups…but as soon as one “escaped” (with help, I’m sure) there was a lot of screaming and freaking out…hilarious for us and the cricket, I’m sure.  We did enjoy the pool and headed out after a relaxing morning…

Tuesday’s trip was across California to the Los Angeles area, Chino Hills specifically.  An adopting family there welcomed us into their home – and let me nap – until it was time to head out for our small group presentation.  We drove down to Mission Viejo, further south in Orange County, and had a great time meeting some adopting families, other church friends, and even a fellow MAFer’s parents!  The night was late and we stayed up even later chatting with our hosts, but it was well worth the conversation time.

We still were unsure of our plans for Wednesday.  If you remember, we had originally planned to go to Disneyland, but after talking on Monday we realized we had left out one factor…ME!  While I was fine two months ago trekking through the heat through Boston on the 4th, NYC and all over Central Park, and the Smithsonian for Levi’s birthday, I am now much more pregnant feeling than I was…and walking long distances (or short ones), especially in the heat, seemed like a reach.  We briefly talked about renting a motorized scooter, but after really evaluating our options, decided our time (and money) would be better spent elsewhere.  Only feeling a little guilty for depriving our kids of their opportunity for Disney fun for the next four years, we were at peace with our decision and decided on the next best thing in California…the beach!  Plus, it’s [mostly] free!

So, back to Tuesday night, right before bed, we got a text from Matthew’s youngest brother, who we’d hoped to see as he’s stationed at Camp Pendleton, but he wasn’t sure his schedule would allow it, that he was free in the morning…yay!  Wednesday morning we drove down, picked him up and took him out for a super awesome breakfast.  The kids LOVE their Uncle David!  And what a better way to spend Patriot’s Day (the official name of 9/11) than with our favorite Marine!

After we dropped him back off for work, we headed over to the beach.  I think we landed at South Laguna Beach, but I’m still not sure.  The weather was nice and sunny, in the low 70’s, but the sun was hot…and the Pacific is COLD!  The kids enjoyed the sun and the beach was so quiet and low key.  As soon as we arrived, the kids decided their focus would be on the few seagulls scattered on the beach.  They called them pigeons and immediately began calling to them: “yaka owa, pigeon!”  I attempted to explain to them that, (1) they were seagulls, not pigeons, and (2) they probably did not speak Lingala.  They didn’t believe me on either count.  Thankfully, a bit later, an actual pigeon walked by, so we were able to talk about the difference.  We were all pretty tired after an hour of just laying in the sun, though Levi and Daddy had a great walk, so we decided to drive along the 101 to take in a bit of Cali while the kids slept (and, oh boy, did they)!

We arrived at our host’s house (a different host!) tonight, also adopting from DRC, in time for a delicious dinner and good conversation…though, I suppose, I’m not very good at conversing while writing, which is what I’m doing at the moment.

Tomorrow we drive up the coast…

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  1. September 11, 2013 0829

    Good choice on the beach. So glad you could have some rest at the Pacific. 🙂 And thankful we could reconnect in Tucson!

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