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Days 96 – 97

September 8, 2013

Yesterday we had a lovely lunch with some adopting families in the Phoenix area, and a few of their friends, at our hosts’ house.  It was very low key and relaxing, which was great!  Then we took a quick dip in their pool and said goodbye and made our way down to Tucson, which was only a 1.5 hour drive – very short for us seasoned road-trippers!

We made it after nightfall to our hosts’ house in Tucson, and shuttled the kids straight to bed.  We weren’t far behind and got a great night of sleep.  This morning we were up early and off to church.  We presented a brief version of our story at the end of Sunday School and even got a few minutes in the service for Matthew to introduce ourselves.  We met a lot of neat people at the church and are enjoying our hosts (he is the pastor), who have adopted three kiddos, two of them from DRC.

This afternoon I got a nap (yay) along with the kids!  Then the small group for our hosts was at the house, so we got to be part of a great Bible study and some awesome fellowship.

Tucson has been much cooler than Phoenix, oh-my-goodness-yay!  It’s also closer to how I always pictured Arizona – red rocks and cacti!

Tomorrow we have a breakfast date with a couple, the wife is our friend from our church in Tacoma, WA and a lunch with someone form the church here.  After those we are headed west to California, though we won’t arrive until Tuesday.

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