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Heading North

May 6, 2013

This last week, during which I was apparently not blogging, was busy.  I look back at our brand new day planner, which we’ve been faithfully filling out for two weeks, and actually are in denial that it was all this week.  I have been sick with a killer sinus cold (though I’m feeling much better now) and thankfully the kids only got a very mild version and are also on the mend.

Tuesday morning, I shared with the ladies during Bible study at Faith Presbyterian Church in Tacoma, WA.  They asked such good questions that we talked for the entire two hours!  Wednesday evening, we presented a mission report and shared about our future with MAF during prayer meeting at the same church.  Thursday we had a great time with friends that I hadn’t seen in ten years who recently started supporting our ministry.

This past weekend was a highlight of our timing back in the states: it was my ten year high school reunion!  Friday evening and all day Saturday was spent seeing old friends and catching up.  Since I had been senior class president, I organized pieces of the weekend, but I had lots of help from several classmates, and I am super grateful for the amazing job they did.  We had about 30 people, with their families, show up – not bad for a graduating class of 88 from a private, Christian high school!  I look forward to doing it again in ten years!

Yesterday we shared with Hilltop Bible Church in Tacoma and loved the warm welcome and passion they have for local and international missions.

We also had other little get togethers, small meetings, and family time during the week, as well as more time organizing and sorting and enjoying the sun, which is finally warm here in the Pacific Northwest.

Today we are busy packing to head North to our home of five years in Fairbanks, Alaska.  It is still cold and snowy there, which is unseasonable considering the time of year.  The area is gaining an hour of daylight each week, preparing for constant daylight from mid-May through August.  We will be chilly, but we are so looking forward to seeing so many friends after two years being away.  They haven’t even met Amelia yet!

We’ll be posting from Alaska, hopefully often, and we’re way overdue for a picture post…as evidenced by a month’s worth of pictures still stuck on the camera.

Please pray for safe travels, peaceful flights with the kiddos, and a sudden warm streak in the Frozen North, for our sakes!

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