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The Rest of Last Week

April 29, 2013

You see, I (Lisa) had planned on a pleasant Sunday evening post outlining our great week and sharing with so many people about our ministry.  But, of course, Sunday did not go as planned and, as Matthew told you, we were a bit distracted yesterday.

But, regardless, we still had a good week and it’s still worth sharing!  Those thieves can’t take us down for more than a day!

Tuesday night I joined my mom for her every-other-month mom’s meeting.  Yes, the same moms she has been meeting since I was born – they all have kids that age.  It was fun to see them again and talk a bit about life in DR Congo.

Wednesday was spent getting more organized, catching up on paperwork and household duties.  We got some stuff out of storage – Matthew has made a trip to our storage unit nearly daily!  We also prepared some materials for sharing.  That afternoon we had the opportunity to head to Matthew’s favorite town on Earth: Port Townsend.  There we met with an adopting couple, the wife of which was about to head over to Kinshasa on Saturday.  It was fun to hang out with them for a while that afternoon.

On Thursday I got the opportunity to go to a mother’s group at our church in Tacoma.  It was far better than joining via email like I’ve been doing for the past few months.  Thursday evening was Matthew’s man night with a few old buddies.

Friday, again, was spent preparing for a busy weekend.  Matthew was also able to help my mom with a few special chores.

Saturday morning Matthew shared an update about our first year in Congo with the men during breakfast at Family of Grace Lutheran church.  For the rest of the morning, he and Levi helped some friends prepare a house that they just purchased.  That afternoon was our first adopting family get-togethers.  This event was something we’ve been looking forward to because six families all gathered together, to swap stories and struggles about their adopting processes, but also, we were able to share our experience and talk about culture and travel face-to-face.  It is so special to meet with other people who have a love for that country and the Congolese specifically!  We were privileged to meet with them and we look forward to similar meetings around the country!

Sunday morning, we went to an early church service at our home church in Tacoma, Faith Presbyterian Church, with plans to speak at the 11am service at Hilltop Bible. However, after the theft, we felt a little naked without our supplies, and out of the frame of mind to share, so we post-poned for next week and headed home.  Levi was pretty upset about the experience as well, even asking “why are we talking to those policemen for so long?”  After an afternoon of rest, we were happy to worship at the evening service at Faith Pres and relax a little with fellowship following the service.  Levi and Amelia made some fast friends to play with as well.

This week is just as full, and filling by the hour.  That said, we still have time to see anyone who would like to get together!  Later this week, I’ll post a rough schedule of the first half of our summer.

You can be praying for us: that we keep the momentum and continue working hard, I am getting the start of a cold, which does not work for my schedule, and that the kids will get enough sleep despite our busy schedule so that they can stay healthy and joyful.  We appreciate your prayers on our behalf!

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