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Seriously Tacoma?

April 28, 2013

We would really appreciate y’alls prayers, we are dealing with frustrations and setbacks right now…  This morning we went to service at Faith Pres Tacoma and had our truck broken into during service – praise the Lord we had our computer with us in the church, but they stole the bag containing all of our missions materials as well as most of our AV stuff (projector, speakers, cables, etc…).  The thing we are most burned about is the custom carved Africa we brought back from the Congo, everything else is replaceable.

This is the second time “our” truck has been broken into in Tacoma – the first was on a trip in 2009 when we lost a camera, hand made diaper bag and a bunch of Lisa’s dad’s work stuff.  The truck now has matching punch marks on the driver and passenger sides where they jammed the locks on each occasion.  Stinkers.

Seriously Tacoma?  We go around the world, to one of the “worst” countries on the planet for theft, without having ANYTHING stolen.  Seriously Tacoma?

We were actually headed from Faith Pres to Hilltop Bible, where we would share with their congregation about our ministry, when everything was taken… had to put that engagement off for next week.

Please pray that we might be able to recover some of our materials, or they might find their way into the right hands.  Please also pray that Mr. Stinker finds Christ through what he took.  Also pray that we will maintain perspective through all this, remember the sovereignty of God, and keep on keeping on!

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  1. April 28, 2013 0829

    how disheartening! My car was just broken into for the first time too – I for one won’t be leaving anything valuable in a vehicle!

  2. April 28, 2013 0829

    Have you checked nearby pawn shops for the AV equipment? So, so glad you had computer with you!

  3. Judy Pankow permalink
    April 28, 2013 0829

    I’m so sorry kids. I’m just glad everybody is okay and it’s just material possessions which can be replaced. I know it’s upsetting, but I believe good will come out of this someway.


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