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January 6, 2013

We returned from the Christmas House today.  Our house is fine enough, and was well cared for by Alex, Mosengo, and Papa Willy, so we are relatively happy to be home, but the eight hour power outage from 12:30-8:30pm today was not exactly something to get us excited.  Ah well, we lived through it and the power is back.

Levi and Amelia have both been fighting some mild cold symptoms, that are, at most, annoying.  Amelia also appears to be popping out molars, making her “Millie-tude” a bit more boisterous than normal.  But they did seem happy to be home and in their own beds again.  I even moved Levi up into his 4T wardrobe, since he literally spurted over Christmas, coupled with literally eating constantly.  Literally.

Baby #3 is lovely in that he or she is following their sibling’s footsteps of not making me sick.  God blessed me with easy pregnancies, though I do get tired.  Matthew would volunteer that I’m alternatively more cranky and ridiculous than normal.  Whatev’s.  Baby is well and, so far, not slowing me down.  My maternity clothes are being brought out by a generous adopting mother later this month….I’ll be in need soon, since the baby has no where to go but out!  Matthew let me pick out a basic wardrobe as part of my Christmas present!  In the past, I’ve borrowed my entire maternity line, so I’m fairly excited this time around to build my own collection….we hope to have more than three, you know!

This week, if you think of it, we could use prayers.  The new nanny starts tomorrow, though I haven’t actually met her yet.  I have seen her at church, and I’m excited to get to know her a bit.  Matthew is quite busy with many projects.  But, the reality is, as I was checking to see just how pregnant I will be for our travels back to the states (18-ish weeks) I realized that we are only here for another 10.5 weeks and it is time to start planning The Return.  So, that will also keep us busy, but I’ll post more details on that later.

So, upcoming picture post, more info on our return stateside, pregnancy whatnots, and Matthew worked in Vanga last week and wanted to share with you all about it.  So busy!

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