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Vision Trip: Part 4 Photos

November 15, 2012

These photos were all taken by Nicole and she was generous enough to share them with me with full permission to use them here.  Nicole is an awesome photographer and I encourage you all to visit her blog or her photography site and if you’re ever in need of a photographer while in Edmonton, Alberta, look her up!

Meanwhile, enjoy these shots.  They are a mix of personal family shots, really awesome shots of Africa, and a few repeats of mine done much better.  And, if only I could have left them at their original size (10-20MB EACH, ya’ll), but sadly, I had to take them pretty far down and it still took nearly two hours to upload them all…on a good day, no less.

Click the first picture to scroll through like a slideshow.

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  1. November 15, 2012 0829

    Thanks for posting these wonderful photos. I did not think that monkey was tame. I guess Lisa you just have a calming effect on little ones.

  2. Aliya permalink
    November 15, 2012 0829

    Fantastic Images. Thank you for sharing!

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