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Vision Trip: Part 3

November 14, 2012

We gathered down at the river and climbed into Glen’s boat.  We took off down the swollen river to search out some sandbars.  We didn’t have much hope, since we hadn’t seen any from the air.  We went a while to a point where the river opens quite wide and the sun became very hot, so we decided to turn around.  About half a mile from the swimming hole nearest our guest house, Glen offered to let anyone out to float the rest of the way.  He had a small, black innertube and it was just right for Levi.  I anticipated Levi’s panic, but instead, he became excited and jumped right in.  Nick, Matthew, and Nicole helped make sure his tube stayed in their general vicinity, but Levi had a grand time.  Glen ran the boat, with Jocelyn and I and the baby girls, back to the swimming hole.  Once everyone had floated back it was decided that they wanted to do it again, so Jocelyn and I headed home while the group went back out.  Levi was so excited to be floating down a river in the Congo!

Levi and Daddy enjoying the river run

Nick and Glen looking stoic on the Wamba River

Nicole and Jocelyn look a bit alike, eh?

Nicole hanging onto Levi while he chats with “Mr. Nick”

That evening, we headed out to Glen and Rita’s for dinner.  But, first, Matthew and I each took a turn in the parachute plane.  Getting the chance to see Kikongo from the air was so awesome!  The sky was calm.  I didn’t notice, but according to Glen, when we took off during my turn, the parachute pulled funny and we almost rolled.  I didn’t feel a thing!  Whew!

Matthew ready for take-off

Matthew went for two laps around the village

During the parachute plane flights, we got to experience the crowding of the children, like all good African missionaries seen on TV

Levi and his new buddies

I took the camera with me, though most of my shots were blurry, a few came out ok. This is Kikongo from the air.

We had a lovely dinner and learned more about Kikongo’s history, as well as the history of the Chapmans and their ministry.  When I think of missionaries, I think of people like the Chapmans: “alone” in the jungle, teaching the people about Christ, and living!  They are awesome people.

Classic African game

We wrapped up Saturday back at “our” house with a tired game of Settlers of Cattan (Matthew won and we won the use of the one fan for the night) before collapsing into our squishy water beds.

Sunday morning came early with church.  The French service began at 8am and went for an hour.  The Kituba service would start at 10 and last three to four hours.  We were ready to go for the French service!  Amelia walked nearly the entire way there and the entire way home!  We were warmly welcomed into the airy building with singing and shakers made from tin cans and carved handles.  We enjoyed the French service, though I felt like I understood less than at our regular Lingala church.

Walking to church

The choir was amazing

After church we headed back to the house, a few had a quick last jump in the river (jumping in and leaving the wet clothes on is one recommended way to stay cool, since it was in the mid-90’s for most of our trip and no A/C in the jungle).  Glen and Rita brought us lunch, including some amazing homemade ice cream!  We finally packed and headed out to the plane.  The group of kids were back to carry our bags and say farewell.

We took a few pictures and climbed on board.  Forty minutes later we were back on the ground in Kinshasa, tired but satisfied at the lovely weekend we enjoyed together.  We loved seeing more of DR Congo and meeting some other missionaries who are doing amazing, tough work in the jungle.

Goodbye Kikongo! The neat row of houses and palms was part of the pastoral school that Rita’s grandfather built

Super Dad

The post-jungle kit: worm meds for the kids, malaria cure, and a malaria test. So far, so good…

Part 4: Nicole also happens to be an amazing [professional] photographer and has gifted me her photos from this trip…so next will be a showcase of her amazing work…you can cheat and go to her blog, though she’s on safari in South Africa right now and may not have posted yet…

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  1. Bradfield permalink
    November 14, 2012 0829

    I love reading and seeing your pictures too! Its great to read same story but little differences 😛

    Had a great time with you! Glad I havent had to take the Malaria test hehehe

  2. Debby Spann permalink
    November 14, 2012 0829

    Oh me. That trip made me nervous! Especially the worm medicine and malaria kit….

  3. Aliya permalink
    November 15, 2012 0829

    What a fun trip! My brother in law used to have a Powered Parachute (Different term, same thing as the Parachute Plane). It was really fun to ride in. But the scenery of the jungle must have been just beautiful from it. I love how adventurous Levi is.

  4. November 19, 2012 0829

    love love love the super dad pic :~)

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