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Day 21

February 2, 2012

Levi seems mostly recovered and was in pretty good spirits today, so we’re pretty sure his awful behavior was actually some sort of bug.  Parenting oops…but how would we have known?  We took our time this morning getting ready to leave and Levi had a good time playing outside in the sun.  It’s been so fun being so warm!

We headed out just after noon, headed directly south to Oklahoma.  We took a stop in northeast Oklahoma, to a small town with some family history on Matthew’s side.  It was so interesting to visit one of the cemeteries there and see so many of Matthew’s relatives final resting places.

Then, it was just a short drive to our host’s house.  Levi had a grand time playing with trucks and being on his own and out of the car seat.  Amelia is still sweet and smiley as always.  We enjoyed a tasty home cooked meal and now we’re hoping to head to bed and get a good night sleep.  Last night was pretty long between Amelia’s constant need to eat and Levi’s incredible snoring.  Tonight we have our own room and Amelia has her own bed.

Tomorrow: Visiting, visiting, visiting…

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