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Day 2

January 14, 2012

We made it to our second destination this evening in time for dinner and the football game with our friends’ neighbors.  The drive was completely uneventful and the sunny skies through the Blue Mountains of Oregon made the rolling hills even more beautiful.

Last night, however, was less than perfect.  Amelia, after sleeping all day in the car, made the  decision that sleeping was not only not an option, but was to be fought with screaming.  Thankfully, our hosts never even heard a peep.  Neither did Levi, who was asleep in the same room in his “Special Bed” (the pack-n-play, which is too small for him, but he likes it).  Once Amelia finally got to sleep we did get a few hours of rest, but Levi woke at 5:30am and told me he was “all done sleeping.”  I convinced him to sleep, but only in our bed.  So, the four of us slept in one bed.  Not terribly restful, but everyone was in good spirits today, so I guess it couldn’t have been too bad.

The morning was slow-paced and leisurely, which was great after such a long night.  We left around 11am and drove, making only one stop somewhere in northeast Oregon.  We got into Boise just as it got dark.  Now I’m preparing for our longest stretch of our trip.  As I have much to do, I am sadly unwilling to spend time uploading pictures.  Tomorrow will be a long day (though fun) and we have our first presentation of our ministry for the trip.  After the evening service we are hitting the road for an all-nighter.  Our goal is Milwaukee, Wisconsin by Tuesday evening.  It’s just over 1700 miles.  Please pray that the weather will remain calm and that we can enjoy the Oregon Trail and maintain our sanity!

Tomorrow:  United Reformed Church of Nampa and off towards Milwaukee

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