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Day 1

January 13, 2012

Could we pack the car any more?  Nope, we could not.  We had to abandon a few things, but got to bring most of what we wanted.  But the car is packed.  My (Lisa’s) dad was kind enough to take some departing pictures for you all to enjoy.  We did clean up a little before the long haul, but you get the idea…

Our trunk. It closed. That's all that matters.

The backseat. Amelia was happy as long as she had her meerkat.

Levi and his toy tray...

That last minute stuff...

"Congo or Bust"

On the road!

After running a few errands before getting out of town, we left Auburn, WA around noon.  The mountain passes had hardly any snow at all and we had a brief stopover in Ellensburg before continuing on to Walla Walla.  The kids did awesome – Amelia slept nearly the entire time and Levi alternately ate, played with his cars, and slept.  I even got to take a nap while Matthew drove the entire day.

Tonight we are staying with great friends and leaving after breakfast tomorrow morning.

Next stop:  Nampa, Idaho

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  1. January 18, 2012 0829

    Love the QR code! — who’s idea was that?

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