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Random Update

August 22, 2011

After over a week without a showing on our house I was starting to think the streak was over.  However, I just got a call that there is a showing tomorrow!  Please be praying that this is it!  It only takes one!  And a huge thank you to friends in the area who have offered to clean our house in preparation for showings – it makes all the difference in the world to us!

Matthew and his brother, Andrew, are somewhere in Northern British Columbia, though I can’t say specifically where.  That area is not exactly known for its high connectivity.  They last updated from Whitehorse, in Yukon, yesterday around noon.  The truck is running well and they were able to get a full night of rest after a long stretch of intense work packing up the house.  The planned/expected date of arrival is Friday, give or take.  That also happens to be the day I “turn” 37 weeks pregnant and can deliver safely with my midwife…it’s a good day for Matthew to be here!  (Literally as I was finishing this post I got a text from the boys: they are in Fort Nelson, BC and doing well!)

Levi and I are doing well on the homefront here…just waiting for Matthew/Daddy to come home.

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