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Training and Our Summer

August 11, 2011

Training lasted another week and a half in Idaho.  We covered more ground with regards to life as a missionary, including learning all about diseases, cooking, culture, culture clashing, safety, and traveling.  It was mentally exhausting, but so enriching.  We were encouraged by the other candidates and shared in their joy as they were officially accepted with MAF and found out where they would serve.

At the end of our time, we were sad to leave our new friends and head back to WA where the work was waiting for us.  We have officially entered into our time called Deputation.  Deputation is where our full time job is to raise knowledge and support (both prayer and financial) for our mission work.  It will be an extremely tough time, living and working in close quarters all of the time.  It will be busy visitng churches and developing those relationships.  Overall, though, we are excited to see what God will show us and how He will lead those already called to support us who just don’t know it yet!

Once returning from Idaho to Washington, Matthew got to work around my parents’ house (where we will be living until Africa) with some chores while Levi and I helped Grandma clean the house for company.  My aunt and uncle from Kentucky came to visit for the past week and we were busy playing tourists.  We had a grand time and Levi was certainly a champ – being out all day, without a nap, and not getting much at home/alone time that he usually enjoys.

Sadly, Matthew flew back to Alaska Tuesday night and my aunt and uncle left yesterday.  So, Levi and I are back to waiting during Phase 2 of the moving process.  Currently, Matthew is working non-stop to get the house cleared out, things wrapped up, and the truck ready for the big drive down the AlCan.  His brother, Andrew, is there and will make the drive with him.  The hope is to leave early next week and take about eight days for the drive.

The goal is to be back before Baby arrives, of course.  Hopefully a few days to spare for unpacking will be available as well.  I think I can hold out until then…even though you wouldn’t think so in looking at my profile.  Baby gets carried entirely out front, making me look more uncomfortable than I really am, but I am finally at the stage where I can say that I am done being pregnant for now.  And I am getting anxious to meet this little person…is it a boy or a girl?  Only about five weeks to go!

In other news, we have found a wonderful home for both cats where they will be loved and cared for and, even better, stay in the family!  Due to the cost of shipping, Matthew and Andrew will have feline companions on their drive down to WA, so please be praying that all goes well.

On the house-selling front, no, we haven’t sold it, or even gotten an offer.  BUT, we have weekly showings and nearly every buyer and realtor has loved it.  Most buyers find it too small, so we know the right buyer is out there and we are waiting for God’s timing.  Actually, there is a showing RIGHT NOW…perhaps I will have to update sooner rather than later?  I can certainly hope and pray!

Levi is loving his big boy bed and the summer weather (I hear it’s been nothing but rain in our hometown in Alaska).  He is such a talker…if you spend more than 15 minutes with him, you’ll soon notice that nothing goes UNnoticed by that kid.  And he remembers everything.  Sometimes, his intelligence scares me…but he’s truly a delight.  At my midwife appointment this morning he remembered that he would get to “hear the baby” and couldn’t stop talking about it with Grandma, who was also with me.

I also enjoyed my 27th (gulp!) birthday yesterday.  Since we celebrated Tuesday, before Matthew and relatives left town, I got to have downtime and take a nap…yay!

Now that things are more calm and focused on our mission work, with one exception (baby), I do plan to update more often.  Thanks to those of you who reminded me that I posted hadn’t in a while.  Please pray that soon we will sell our house, that Matthew and his brother will have a safe drive and that Baby will STAY PUT until September.

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  1. August 11, 2011 0829

    Miss you guys! Can’t wait to hear about a successful baby delivery for you guys! I am so excited about the possibility of us seeing you in Kinshasa! I hope the move goes as planned and I pray the house sells!
    It sounds like Levi is exactly like his dad already remembering things!
    Get some rest! You have only five weeks left!!! 🙂

  2. August 11, 2011 0829

    Miss you guys! It sounds like Levi is intelligent like his dad since neither one forgets anythings!
    I am so excited about the possibility of seeing you guys in Kinshasa!
    I hope the baby’s delivery is uneventful and that your house sells soon!
    Please get some rest! You have to take care of yourself since Matt isn’t there to help out now! 🙂

  3. August 12, 2011 0829

    Glad everything is going so smoothly for you!

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