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Mission Connextion

March 7, 2011

This weekend Matthew and I participated in our first mission exposition.  It was a last minute discovery that we were eligible to participate, but we work well under pressure and were all ready to go by Saturday morning.  It was a fun event, featuring many Alaska-based, national and international missions.  We were the only individual missionaries there, but we found common ground in aviation-based mission work with some of the other tables.  Since much of Alaska is only reachable via plane (or dog sled/snow machine), there are quite a few mission groups with airplanes at their focus.  MAF does not operate in Alaska at this time, so we did stand out a little.  We made a few contacts, saw some friends, and got a chance to talk about our ministry.  One of us manned the table while another one of us chased Levi around.  He was quite a hit with the Christian Motorcycle Association table next door!  If nothing else comes of it, it was at least good practice at quickly and efficiently spelling out who we are, who MAF is, and why we are connected.  We are excited to see the Lord work in our lives this way!

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  1. March 8, 2011 0829

    I love your weather ticker on the side …. -15 to 97 … wow.

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