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Snow, baby, cats, etc.

March 3, 2011

I am not very good at updating, am I?  It’s hard to decide what to write about when things seem to happening so slowly.

Last week we experienced the excitement of record-breaking snow!  We had one storm dump over two feet in two days, then a few days later we had an additional six inches overnight.  While that may not sound like too much if you live in the Northeast or Midwest, our snow is so dry and the flakes are so tiny, that it usually takes a whole day just to accumulate one or two inches, so to get so much snow at once was very exciting.  Well, unless one had to drive, but since I didn’t, I thought it was fun!  We spent an entire day using a borrowed snow plow to help our neighbors and friends get out of their driveways.

First, a big milestone was reached this week: our very first prayer letter was mailed!  If you want to be on our mailing list, please email us with your mailing address at  Since it is mailed non-profit bulk, I imagine it will take longer than a few days.  In order to keep the “excitement” of receiving the letters alive, we won’t be posting them to our website until they’ve reached their snail mail destinations.

We’ve also made our first ministry presentation at our home church in Fairbanks.  It went as well as anyone’s first presentation can go.  We also received our ministry partnership supplies: all sorts of pamphlets, prayer cards, and various other products to help us raise support and appear professional.  We hope to visit a few more churches where we have attended in the next month or two now that we have what we need.

At home we have spent more time packing and sorting.  I recently went through all of my clothes and decided what was worth keeping, but with a twist – most of my stuff no longer fits!  There’s a baby in the way!  So, I have a few items left and the rest was put into a box to go to Washington.

Speaking of Washington, I keep trying to put into perspective what it will be like to live there again, even if only temporarily.  On one hand, I’m really excited and it will probably feel like I’ve never left, especially since I’ve been back at least once a year to visit.  But, on the other hand, I will miss my home, friends and life here in Alaska that I’ve grown accustomed to over the past four and a half years.  There are several unknowns yet, regarding our move.  One of them that perhaps you can consider helping with (if you are in Alaska or Washington) is our cats – they need a new home!  We would fly them down to Washington if we knew someone there would like to have them, but of course if you live here in Alaska, that would be great too.  They are an awesome pair and we will miss them very much.  I’ve never known any cat to be so friendly or “involved” in family life, let alone two of them!

Coming up:  Matthew is taking Levi and I…somewhere.  He’s not saying where, but next week we are taking some sort of mini-trip and I am quite excited to see what he has planned!  Also, very soon we will be meeting with our realtor to go over what needs to be done before putting our house on the market.  Finally, on the 16th I have my first midwife appointment.  It’s technically supposed to occur when I’m 12 weeks along (which is tomorrow), but I couldn’t get in until then.  I’m not too concerned, since everything is going so well.  This is the same group of midwives I saw with Levi.  I have also secured a spot with a midwife in Washington, whom I hope will deliver Levi.  She comes highly recommended by many there, so I’m excited to meet with her and know Baby and I will be in good hands.

Once again, please consider committing to praying for us (and let us know that you are doing so) or becoming a monthly supporter of our ministry by visiting here.

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  1. Andree Saxby permalink
    March 4, 2011 0829

    You’re having Levi again? Impressive 😉 Glad to hear everything is well. Looking forward to having you closer!


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