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It’s a Girl!

August 22, 2018

Freya Helena Lind made her grand entrance on Monday, August 20 at 2:57pm.  She was our biggest, at 8lb 11oz, and 20.5″ long, but it makes sense after being five days late, our only baby to arrive after their due date.  We had been certain (without finding out the gender via ultrasound) of her being a boy, and after being correct the first four times, I was especially shocked to finally be wrong (but knew I was due to be wrong, so I’m not terribly offended).  So, it took 24 hours to come up with a middle name, since we hadn’t bothered to finalize a pick.  Like all of our kids, Freya’s first name is simply a name we love and her middle name is a family name – Helena is my maternal great-grandmother’s name (and great-aunt’s as well).  If it’s helpful, it is pronounced FRAY-yah Hell-LAY-nah.

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 8.35.20 PM

She is already a very chill, easy going baby, just doing all of the baby things right on track.  I will be writing up her birth story soon and I am happy to say it is no where near as exciting as the last one.

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  1. August 22, 2018 0829

    Congratulations!!! I like the name. Waiting for details.Vicki’s sister, Shari had a 9 pounder for her first. She was 8lbs 11oz.

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