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A Little Help from Our Friends

November 20, 2016

Here’s the thing, we are stocking up on all the little things that make life go a little smoother, a little easier, a little sweeter in a place that is difficult.  Want to help?  Here is our amazon wish list ready if you’re interested in helping us gather the things we missed the most, the things we are unable to get, or are unable to acquire in high quality.

We tried to focus this list on hospitality, which we hope is our speciality.  We host all kinds of people in our home and guest room – ex-pats, missionaries, team members, visitors from out of the country, and missionaries visiting the city from the village.  We try to make our home as welcoming and comfortable as possible.  This means serving some rare foods, creating a little escape from the jungle, and keeping it ready for visitors at any moment (hello, keeping it clean!).  We also hope to start in on some useful hobbies and projects, hence some odd items in there, with the long term goal of using these things to bless and teach the Congolese around us!

With that said, most of the items in this list, we are the first to admit, are NOT necessary!  Some of them are down right silly!  12 pepperoni sticks?  An ice cream maker?  But, if you put yourselves in our shoes (or flip flops), or even better, put yourselves in a village missionary’s flip flops, or in a out-of-country visitor’s shoes, and you can understand that having a little taste of “home” can go a long way in someone’s day, week, or visit!

So, help if you wish, or don’t worry about it.  We get a lot of people asking how they can help, but aren’t able to give regularly, so here is a perfect opportunity!

But here’s the catch: we are planning on flying out December 7th, so please be sure everything will ARRIVE by December 5!  Our address is ready if you add the items to your cart, though Amazon keeps it hidden for privacy.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for helping us out!

Start shopping by clicking HERE!

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  1. Jan permalink
    November 20, 2016 0829

    What is the proper rush shipping address to use?

  2. Kathi permalink
    November 22, 2016 0829

    Hi Lisa,

    Are you going to be at Cloverdale URC on Thanksgiving by any chance? Our family plans to worship there that day. Would love to see you.

    Kathi Branahl

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