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Linds Across Europe

September 22, 2016

So, if you’ve been following along on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve noticed we’re enjoying our rest furlough thus far, as we start with a two-week vacation in France and Germany.

Our first five days were spent in Metz, France.  We discovered this little city by accident as we researched train routes into Germany and, after reading the Wikipedia page about it, decided it was a must-see and we were blown away.  It was a lovely blend of rich history and modern shopping (which we had sort of missed, even though we were never much for malls).  We got a perfect airbnb apartment right in the middle of everything.  Matthew had the pleasure of shopping and cooking for us.  We were surprised at how much those five days felt like going “home,” even though we had only lived in France for 11 months.  It was a perfect start to our trip and a good refresh for our French language as well.

Then, we trained down to Munich, and met up with Steven, our friend from Kinshasa who has been traveling and will soon be headed back to Congo, and Matthew’s brother, Andrew, and his friend, Melanie, for the world’s largest party.  I don’t actually know if it is the world’s largest party, but six million people attend Oktoberfest every year, 70% being Bavarians and roughly 60% in full costume.  Matthew and I had always dreamed of doing Oktoberfest in Munich and timed our rest furlough accordingly.  It was exactly what we’d hoped and so fun to be able to enjoy it with others.  The kids got to experience real rides for the first time and we enjoyed German foods and, yes, beer.

Today we left Munich for Nuremberg.  If you’re really clever, you’ll remember that we were here two years ago, during our first break in language school, and went to the greatest kid place on Earth: Playmobil Funpark.  The kids have not stopped talking about it since, so we felt it was important to come back – our kids need rest and fun, too!  So, tomorrow and Saturday we’ve reserved for the park, which, if we’re being honest, was as much fun for us as it was for the kids.

It has been lovely to see Matthew’s brother and spend some time making memories with him.  It has been great having our good friend, Steven, with us and he has been essential help with the kiddos.  We will miss them as they move on this weekend.

We are here in Nuremberg for a few days, then continue north to Frankfurt before flying to the US.  We are already feeling refreshed, despite how tiring traveling can be.  And, let’s make sure to emphasize, traveling, by train, with four small children, is no joke.

But, while we are here, having a grand time, we are praying for our team back home in Kinshasa.  If you haven’t been following the news, the people of Congo have been stirred and are tired of the current regime.  The protests this week were not peaceful and, while our team is okay and things are calmer for the moment, there are people now who are grieving loved ones, people who are frustrated at their country’s leadership, and people who are scared for their and their country’s future.  Please pray for peace in Congo.

On a more personal note, a few of our missionary friends have had particularly rough weeks.  Please pray for the Spann family as they grieve the loss of their baby through miscarriage.  Please pray for another family who is making a big shift and it is very stressful and sad.  We are saddened that we cannot be there, at their side, helping them.  We wonder at what God is doing, trusting fully in His sovereignty, but wonder all the same.

So, thank you for praying for us and for our travels, but also for the work that continues in our absence – that God may be glorified through it all!

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