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Dark Side of the Moon

July 17, 2016

You know that moment in movies about astronauts where they lose radio contact with Earth for a few moments as they pass behind the moon.  Or in a tense final scene where a character is out of sight and then reappears in triumph.  Somehow, in a very much less dramatic fashion, that is how I feel about this weekend.

You see, we are alone this weekend. Our entire team, six other families total*, are ALL in the US or Canada this weekend, until the first person gets back Tuesday night.  I mean, it’s not that dramatic, really, because there are a few other missionaries and ex-pats.  And, of course, this is a city of around 15 million people.  So, we’re clearly very much not alone.  But, at the same time, it feels a little strange not to have any teammates around.  And I feel like by Tuesday night, when the first person gets back, it will indeed be like that moment in the film when the hero makes contact with Houston, or when they pop back from out of sight in triumph!

It will be a while before our team is complete again, since there are a few long furloughs taking place, but missionary life is like that.  And I’m glad we have a team we can cheer about, each time someone comes home.

*There are also two families in language school in France who are most definitely considered part of the team, but who haven’t arrived yet.  One arrives next month, the other in January.  Woo hoo!

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