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One Week Home

April 9, 2016

Today marks one week since we got home from Vanga, the village where Piper was born.  The week has zoomed by, but each day has felt particularly long.  While I recover from the c-section, Matthew has been running quite ragged.  In addition to needing to take over most of the duties around the other three kids, our house’s owner has regained momentum in finishing a lot of the work needing done on the exterior.  However, here, if work is being done, it’s better done with supervision, so Matthew has been involved in helping and advising as necessary.  We are grateful, though, that the projects are back in full swing.  The barbed wire along the top of the wall is almost done, and we now have more water storage (we were running out daily, since the water only comes in at night).  A problem with some sewage pipes was repaired.  And the work has begun on the outdoor kitchen (yes, we’re spoiled!).  I do mean to do a “house tour” at some point…I haven’t forgotten.  We are in a rich season with this house – it is the nicest house we’ll probably ever live in, no matter the location, and we’re trying to enjoy each day we get to live here, even when it’s annoying to have a dozen workers outside needing your husband’s attention.  But at least he’s been able to be home and not needed immediately back at the office, though phone calls and emails have been part of his day, too.

Meanwhile, I have had days when I feel really great and on my way back to normal…then I forget about the major surgery I just had and overdo it and set myself back.  I’m really terrible at being still.  Today, though, I really was doing so much better, but twisted wrong and have been in the most pain since leaving Vanga!  Ugh!  I do not learn, I guess.  I hear that you get decent pain meds in the US if you have a c-section (or any surgery), but here ibuprofen and Tylenol have been my friends.  I will try again to take it easy, but as we approach a new week, Matthew needs to go in a couple of days this week and I will need to find balance.  Our team has been very helpful and we are grateful for their assistance.

So, please continue to pray for my healing…and my patience!  And pray for Matthew as he balances so many different hats, all on his head at the same time.  Levi, Amelia, and Axel are adjusting well, but it has been stressful for them to have me down.  Or it seems that way.  They do enjoy the work being done outside, like today when huge loads of sand and gravel were delivered for the outdoor kitchen, Levi and Axel made friends all over the place and “helped” move the piles from the dump truck.  It’s a fun distraction and Levi chatters at them in French, so it’s good practice.

Thank you for remembering our family in your prayers!

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